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  1. this is real shit, could my money be toxic for you
  2. this is totally crap&scam. shame on you
  3. After update to 8519 it freezes on the agreement window. I have paid for a working app not this crap!!! Never seen such un incredible sequence of bad programming. Commercially is not honest. Asked for reimbursement, nobody has answered. Asked for instructions, no one answers. Bad Bad Bad!!!!
  4. what a strange commercial behaviour!!!! They sell a beta product on their site, but they warn that it is not available!!! I bought it, thinking it was available, downloaded a buggy product, yesterday it was updated to a release candidate! I sent a mail to get my money back, nobody answered. When EyeTV was Elgato it was a fine product, now it has great problems on any side, software, marketing and commercial
  5. The b11 was able to acknowledge one of the serials and to acknowledge the DTT de luxe device (which is in the list of the possible devices). BUT. It says that the DTT deluxe device is not served by eytv 64 in Italy. I bought it when it was elgato, and it worked fine also when eye tv became geniatech. Now why this change? Please answer fem
  6. It wont accept any serial! I have macbookPro, CatalinaOS 10.15.1, DTT De luxe. What's wrong??? fem_Italy