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  1. Trying for the 8 or 10th+ times (in the past 4 years) to get support yet I have had 100% failure rate from Geniatech, Elgato responded to customer service requests.
  2. @Mikyesun it has been over 3 years and I never received a response.
  3. I do find it strange that spammers are spamming the forums with spam in a forum about spam.
  4. I joined after I manually found out about the EyeTV 4 beta (I had requested to be informed about the beta over a year ago but that was never notified). Looks like
  5. There is over 106 pages of spam in the BETA - software code as it is forum section (I can't report all of them due to the massive massive amount of spam)
  6. I liked it when eyeTV was under Elgato at least they responded to customer service requests.
  7. I also want to know why, I tried to contact support back over 2 years ago and have had not a single response.
  8. I see the same thing tho for me EyeTV 4 gets stuck in a crash loop until I unplug the hybrid.
  9. I sent customer support a request over a year ago and have not heard back at all, when the software was under Elgato I could get a response but feels like Geniatech does not care about customer service or support at al (have tried the support forum on both the US site and the EU site and even emailed sales)l.
  10. Chas4


    I sent a request back in March 2018 and still not received any response, same with requests for support on the website.
  11. Chas4


    I contacted support over 1.5 years ago and still have yet to hear back. EyeTV 4 has a crash loop where it will crash on start and stay stuck in a crash on start loop, and other bugs (same bug introduced in last few EyeTV 3 builds)
  12. I sent them an email over a year ago and have not heard back.