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  1. I did that about a year ago and have not heard anything. EyeTV 4 shares the same bug as the last few EyeTV 3 builds with it having trouble taking to the tv tuner (older EyeTV 3 build works better). EyeTV 4 gets stuck in a crash loop if I try to use the FM radio tuner (have sent Apple 8 or more crash reports). I have tried to report the EyeTV software bug with it failing to talk to the tv tuner (tried 2 different models) and the quality went from 80-100 to 0-.03 quality for the signal from just the update.
  2. How did you get a ticket with Geniatech? I contacted support but never got a response.
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    I sent a request back in March 2018 and still not received any response, same with requests for support on the website.
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    I contacted support over 1.5 years ago and still have yet to hear back. EyeTV 4 has a crash loop where it will crash on start and stay stuck in a crash on start loop, and other bugs (same bug introduced in last few EyeTV 3 builds)
  5. Build 8518 will crash 100% (same with a few of the beta builds) if you use a eyeTV Hybrid with FM Radio adapter (Model: NA 2009) in it and try to switch to FM radio. Have sent Apple 7 or so crash reports.
  6. I sent them an email over a year ago and have not heard back.