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  1. You're welcome. Although it was no help to you. Of course, it's not so nice that you had to buy new hardware. On the other hand, when I think of my sticks (I have three of them) they have served me faithfully for over 10-15 years. One of them I had to heat up 3 times in the oven to 200 degrees to reconnect all solder points. best regards Fred
  2. Hello Hannes, I have not done anything special at the time when the M1 came, except I installed everything manually and did not use a backup, I wanted to sweep through because since my iMac from 2014 I had always just updated. I would use EyeTV Reporter to delete the installation and reinstall from the beginning, no drag n' drop from a backup or something. Keep your fingers crossed Fred Edit: What I can think of just now: do you have the stick directly on the Mac or on a hub? If at the hub, maybe plug it directly into the Mac? I have my stick on an (active) hub, but you never know ...
  3. Hello Hannes, another trick which worked for me: make a backup of the Intel Mac's settings with EyeTV Reporter and restore them to the M1. Should work, I once did something similar when my iMac went into the eternal hunting grounds and I fortunately had a backup (I do this from time to time after an Eye-TV update, so not so often) and all settings and channel lists were available to me on the replacement computer with the help of the backup. Fred
  4. Hello Hannes, I use an old hybrid stick (DVB-C) from 2008 or so on a Mini M1 and have no problem with it. In the old V4 beta thread, which has been deleted, it was reported from time to time about hybrid sticks that did not run properly under EyeTV 4, if I remember correctly it depended on the serial number.
  5. A version for Apple Silicon? Let all hope go... V4 runs here under Big Sur and M1 without major problems so far.
  6. Click on the program with RMB and then "open" in the context menu. Then a new requester should appear in which the start of the program is offered.