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  1. You are very welcome! Sounds like it has worked for almost everyone. Glad to be of assistance.
  2. Thanks, Paul! Glad it now works for you 🙂
  3. That is disappointing, Hamburger, but it is working for several others here. Perhaps use EyeTV Reporter (downloadable from the Geniatech website) to delete your installation and preferences and start from scratch?
  4. And you have Ventura on both your M1 and Intel machines?
  5. Perhaps try retuning the app? Um, sorry to hear that. Several other members have had great success with the newest version.
  6. Glad it is working out now for you. Yes, it would be preferable to download directly from the Geniatech website, however Mega links are fine if you trust the uploader. In this case, the link came straight from Geniatech itself.
  7. Hi Roland, Did you try the app from the MEGA link? I assure you it is perfectly safe, it came from the Geniatech team itself. It will sort out all your problems. Several forum members have since confirmed that they have used it and it works.
  8. It's a very good question! I've asked them but they haven't replied to me yet.
  9. Soooo sorry Bobby, you didn't manipulate anything! I thought I was replying to GBO! He did a weird thing where he made it look like he shared that Mega link from Geniatech before I shared it... Not sure why he did that. Maybe just to make himself look good. Doesn't help that I am tired and need to go to bed.
  10. Great news, Ross! I would be rather embarrassed if that version only worked for me!
  11. You manipulated a quote from a post that didn't mention any link. The quote linked back to a different post. Anyway, I don't care really. If it helps people get the version that is compatible with Ventura and which doesn't need any playing around in Terminal, then I'm happy! As to my post above, addressed to Roland, I've checked and the last time I helped people was with comms around the much-delayed 64-bit version of eyeTV that we were absolutely desperate to have so we could upgrade our OSs. No doubt I'll be back next year when Apple releases their next OS, sticking my nose in 😀