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  1. I just tried exporting - only the MP4 and MPEG formats would export (build 8524). No progress bar or any indication that it was occurring. Eventually, they showed up. QuickTime initially would not play the MP4, because it said that it was not recognized. After a while, it would read the file and play it. Apparently, it takes some time for the export to occur, even with a solid state drive. I imagine that it would take WAY longer with a spinning HD. The video quality did leave a bit to be desired - not smooth refresh during movement, and more granular.
  2. Yes, I believe so - but I'm in N. America, and that makes a difference. There's a difference in the standards of the signal and display.
  3. I get my signal over the air from an antenna. I have not experienced the stuttering that has been mentioned, and I do see the thumbnails when editing. The current build (version 4.0.0 (8524)) seems to be working well for me on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020) running Big Sur 11.0.1. The previous build (8523) was a disaster.
  4. I did the update to 8524 - and it works!!! Yay!!! And ... it is running on MacOS Big Sur, too.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion to go to Time Machine and go back to version 8521. That brought the tuner back.
  6. I have submitted a ticket to the company regarding this issue, but have not heard anything back, other than the boiler plate response that they received the complaint.
  7. I purchased EyeTV 4 in August because I needed a new Mac (which does not run 32 bit), and today I foolishly updated to EyeTV build 8523 and now I have no live window. It worked yesterday, prior to the update. I am running Catalina, and have done all the usual - power off, disconnect, restart, all to no avail. I had finally figured out how to edit and compact on EyeTV 4, and the update returns to the edit and compact as it was in EyeTV3. Frustrating. Since updating, EyeTV no longer recognizes the tuner, and now there is no way to see or record anything live.
  8. After today's (10-11-2020) update of EyeTV 4 for MAC (Version 4.0.0. (8523)) it no longer seems to have the capability of locating the tuner peripheral which was working before this update. I have shut down, remover power, and restarted everything (peripheral, computer, connections) and it has not remedied the situation.