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  1. Earl - click on "site preferences" at the top of the page and find "Default Sort Grid" and change it to "Lineup Order"
  2. Let's hit up Geniatech on social media. I commented on their most recent FB post.{"tn"%3A"O"} I'm no fan of twitter, but: @Geniatech_EyeTV using #CustomerService
  3. ugh. same here. not supported. We can save $ and get a refurbished newer model.
  4. For those of us with the Silicon Dust HDHR tuners, we can also try Geniatech's competition -
  5. Thanks Danny! Additionally, we can double click on programs within the Schedules area in EyeTV and click on the "Edit Schedule" button and then change the Repeat option to Weekly or whatever you prefer. I don't know how well this will work. Also totally crude from what we've been used to, as it doesn't allow for skipping repeat episodes, etc. Earl - I think you may be clicking on the leftmost "Record" button. Instead, use the smaller red button w/ black rectangle - for "Remote Schedule Queue." Nothing should download via browser. EyeTV handles it internally. I tested it from a 2nd computer, and EyeTV on the other computer loaded it right up.