Issues setting up EyeTV for iPad/iPhone

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I am unable to check the box in settings for "Enable Access from EyeTV from iPhone/iPad" - it just won't do anything.  Reached out to support and they told me to run the EyeConnect application manually.  It won't run.  Ran EyeTV Reporter and did a Network Diagnosis.  There are lots of issues dealing with EyeTV Connect like it being incorrectly signed (see attachment).  Any ideas on how to fix?


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I am having a similar problem, and probably made it worse by what I did.  I tried to delete EyeConnect, thinking I could replace/upgrade it.  Now when I reinstall EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416), it throws up a dialog box telling me I must upgrade EyeConnect.  When I follow the link to the EyeTV download section, no EyeConnect links that I can find.


Anyone have any insight into this?

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Had success resolving this!

I've had exactly the same problem but mine was caused by me messing around with macOS X Sierra and generally being a fool!

Seems like a full uninstall is required to fix the problem.

First, use the eyeTVreporter app to remove EyeTV. Sadly, it leaved the problem child EyeConnect behind so follow these instructions to get rid of it:

Reboot to make sure and then install and configure eyeTV anew.

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It's not about getting rid of Eyeconnect. Just the contrary.

It's a bug in current EyeTV versions that prevents Eyeconnect from even starting. This bug has been discovered by Simon Nilsson and he provides the steps to have iPhone/iPad sharing running again on the botched EyeTV installation. The problem with EyeTV is, it currently does not create nor start the Eyeconnect service. Here's how to fix it. Open the Terminal and:

mkdir "/Library/Application Support/EyeConnect"
cp -r /Applications/ "/Library/Application Support/EyeConnect"
sudo cp -f "/Library/Application Support/EyeConnect/" /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.elgato.EyeConnect.plist
sudo chown root:wheel /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.elgato.EyeConnect.plist
sudo chmod 600 /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.elgato.EyeConnect.plist
sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.elgato.EyeConnect.plist

Once these commands are entered, the failed installation of Eyeconnect on El Capitan starts up and allows for setting up Library/iPhone/iPad sharing.

Three things in regards to above:

1) the current EyeTV build is broken, so it needs updating very soon,

2) the manufacturer should show some generosity towards Simon, he nailed it,

3) finally - the guy by himself did something EyeTV should've been doing ages ago - integrated live TV into Kodi with a lightweight app. Why not do an official Kodi plugin with Simon?


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After doing a clean re-install of El Captitan and re-installing Eyetv3, I could not select "share archive" and hence "enable access from iPad etc". Your comment, TheWojtek, prompted me to see if Eyeconnect was running - it wasn't and neither were there any of the Library entries listed in your terminal commands. I manually started Eyeconnect and was immediately able to select archive sharing. As I leave my iMac (and Eyetv3) running all the time, I do not need as a matter or urgency to use your terminal commands to create the Library entries but, if there isn't an update to fix what should have been fixed by now, I will give your solution a try. Many thanks for helping me fix my problem.

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This is how I got the EyeTV iPhone app to work with EyeTV Mac running Sierra 10.12.3

1. Open Mac System Preferences / Security & Privacy
2. Click the lock (lower left) and enter password when prompted.
3. Click Firewall / Firewall Options
4. Add the that you will find here:
    /Library/Application Support/EyeConnect/
5. Click the lock (lower left) to prevent changes.
6. Close System Preferences window.
7. If EyeTV app is open, close it.
8. Launch the that you will find here:
    /Library/Application Support/EyeConnect/
9. Enter password when prompted.
10. Open EyeTV app.
11. Open EyeTV Preferences
12. Click the Sharing icon (at top)
13. Check both items if they are not checked.
14. Click iPhone button (at top)
15. Click both options if they are not checked.

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