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Simultaneously Aborted Recordings : Beware of USB-3 Hubs with Multiple USB-2 EyeTV Tuners

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I am using multiple Diversity Tuners so that I can record multiple programs simultaneously (up to 6 with 3 Diversity).
Recently, when programming multiple recordings at about the same time, the first recording to complete would immediately force completion of all others simultaneous recordings, whatever their programmed completion time.
Extremely irritating : only 1 recording complete !

I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to locate the source of this new problem, which occurred just after I upgraded my Mac mini (late 2014) to Mojave.
I reinstalled several times EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524), to no avail.
Then I remembered that when migrating to Mojave, installed on an external USB disk, I also changed my previous USB Hub (Macally U3HUBA) for a newer USB-3 Hub, supposed to be USB-2 upward compatible.
Although EyeTV seemed to work as well with this new, more powerful Hub, all 6 tuners displaying well in parallel in different windows, I finally discovered that the remaining 5 aborted recordings were occurring ONLY with this new Hub (AUKEY USB 3.0 Hub).
Reverting back to the previous Macally Hub solved the problem.

So I guess the lesson there is : yes USB-2 and USB-3 are upward/downward compatible… in theory.
Unfortunately ugly behaviors can result from mixing USB-2 (Diversity tuners) with USB-3 (Mac mini late 2014), especially when a hub is inserted within the video signal path.

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