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  1. You could try to use the ≈100MB XML file at : >, which includes about 899 channels. Some filtering/pruning will be required before pushing the XML onto Eyetv. There are 16 « .uk » channels in this file : <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id="">
  2. ??? Je viens de faire le test, le fichier xmltv_tnt.xml est bien valide jusqu'au 26 Janvier 0h, soit 5j. Vous avez bien compris qu'il fallait recharger manuellement ce fichier dans EyeTV tous les 5 jours ou moins ?
  3. Si vous quittez EyeTV après avoir sélectionné XML, oui. Si vous mettez simplement le Mac en pause, non.
  4. Pour moi, ça fonctionne toujours parfaitement (encore hier soir). Une fois téléchargé, il faut juste glisser-déposer le fichier de xmltv_tnt.xml sur l'icone EyeTV dans le dock, quand EyeTV est actif. Mais il est vrai que j'utilise EyeTV 3 et que je n'ai pas testé avec EyeTV 4. Quelle est votre version ?
  5. Pour la France, il y a en fait beaucoup plus simple que ce script : Aller sur, à l’extrême droite du bloc "XML TV TNT France Liste des chaines" faire un clic droit sur le bouton jaune "XML (x.yz MB)" et sélectionner "Enregistrer la cible du lien sous...". Un fichier "xmltv_tnt.xml" est téléchargé, qui n'a plus qu'à être glissé/déposé sur l’icône de, sans même nécessiter d'arrêter l'application EyeTV si elle tourne. La liste des programmes pour les 5 prochains jours est ainsi mise à jour. Pas aussi complète que GraceNote, mais mieux que rien 😀. Un apple script automatisant cette tâche chaque jour serai bienvenu, mais j'ai eu la flemme de le réaliser.
  6. In France, the DVB EPG covers barely (and poorly) half of the channels... The xml EPG are more extensive, but definitely a regression compared to the now non existing Gracenote we paid for.
  7. I have finally achieved half-success with tv_grab_fr, see the attached screen copy 😀. Note that the number of french XML guides available thru is far, far below the 1000+ XML guides available in the UK. The only problem is that I achieved this by copying and executing manually SOME of the Terminal commands given by Stuart in his script, while the "automated" shell script "" continues to fail abysmally. Furthermore, I finally got the xml listing executing from the Terminal "/opt/local/bin/tv_grab_fr", but sometimes I can reproduce it, sometimes I cannot ! I suppose I will finally understand what goes wrong in my configuration, but Unix line interface is definitely not my preferred environment, and one tend too easily to forget the HUGE progress the Xerox Star graphical interface was 41 years ago, before the Mac and Steve Jobs made it affordable... Going back to vi was definitely a torture, I finally switched to Word and saved as text !
  8. Hi Stuart, I am stuck again. According to your original post, « /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_uk_tvguide --configure » is supposed to create the .xmltv directory. But I cannot find this new directory anywhere after executing the grabber (which completed fine), so I must again have made some stupid error. What is encouraging is that OldGoat was able to execute your script, but unfortunately I do not find in his comments anything which could explain my own problems. Note that « /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_fr --configure », which is what I am aiming at for France, does not work any better. Any suggestion welcomed.
  9. Stupid of me : port has no manual, should have used port list, which DOES work.
  10. Thanks a lot Stuartf for pioneering a workaround while Geniatech EPG is shamefully down. I am in France, and tried to adapt your script but since I am very bad with Unix commands I probably did something wrong and am stuck at the « port » command not recognized although supposedly installed. May be my error is obvious and you can help. What I did : + Installed from : Xcode_10.3.xip [highest version compatible with Mojave] Command_Line_Tools_macOS_10.14_for_Xcode_10.3.dmg + Added /opt/local/bin to $PATH, using : export PATH=$PATH:~/opt/local/bin + Checked /opt/local/bin properly added to $PATH, using : echo $PATH + installed from GitHub : MacPorts-2.7.2-10.14-Mojave.pkg All the above executed properly, and completed normally. + Then entered : port man and got : Error: Unrecognized action "port man" I tried to redo all the above installations multiple times, without any success. Any idea about what I did wrong ? Thanks for your help
  11. I am using multiple Diversity Tuners so that I can record multiple programs simultaneously (up to 6 with 3 Diversity). Recently, when programming multiple recordings at about the same time, the first recording to complete would immediately force completion of all others simultaneous recordings, whatever their programmed completion time. Extremely irritating : only 1 recording complete ! I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to locate the source of this new problem, which occurred just after I upgraded my Mac mini (late 2014) to Mojave. I reinstalled several times EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524), to no avail. Then I remembered that when migrating to Mojave, installed on an external USB disk, I also changed my previous USB Hub (Macally U3HUBA) for a newer USB-3 Hub, supposed to be USB-2 upward compatible. Although EyeTV seemed to work as well with this new, more powerful Hub, all 6 tuners displaying well in parallel in different windows, I finally discovered that the remaining 5 aborted recordings were occurring ONLY with this new Hub (AUKEY USB 3.0 Hub). Reverting back to the previous Macally Hub solved the problem. So I guess the lesson there is : yes USB-2 and USB-3 are upward/downward compatible… in theory. Unfortunately ugly behaviors can result from mixing USB-2 (Diversity tuners) with USB-3 (Mac mini late 2014), especially when a hub is inserted within the video signal path.
  12. I only recently migrated to Mojave, hoping to keep 32 bits EyeTV 3 running (EyeTV 4 users feedback is still disastrous...). I had to migrate to EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528), to avoid annoying “frozen windows” when running a movie full screen with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524). And thus, I was also victim of the “no more extended recording time” bug. I however found a workaround, although it is a bit painful : - start EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) - open EyeTV/Preferences/Storage window - set Start -> 0 - set End -> 0 - close EyeTV/Preferences/Storage window - open AGAIN EyeTV/Preferences/Storage window - set Start -> 15 (or your value) - set End -> 30 (or your value) - close EyeTV/Preferences/Storage window => EXTENDED RECORDING WORKS AGAIN ! Unfortunately, it works only UNTIL you Quit EyeTV, then you have to do it again after EyeTV restarts. I suppose one could program an Apple script with does that every time EyeTV starts again… volunteers welcomed… 😏
  13. When using the latest Mac M1, only the 64 bits EyeTV 4 will run under Rosetta (badly...). But does EyeTV 4 supports all previous tuners, such as EyeTV T2 Lite ? If yes, can I connnect multiples EyeTV T2 Lite tuners ti the same EyeTV 4 ? Thanks for your help.
  14. I am afraid that is a bit too cryptic (!) for me : if I add somewhere a "SAT>IP receiver" which supports CI+, does that mean I could use the EyeTV software to browse and display encrypted channels on my Mac ? And how should I then interconnect this receiver / EyeTV Netstream 4Sat / my Mac [running EyeTV 3 software] ? I found such a SAT>IP receiver there : SAP>IP CI+ client : ZIP-5107, but I have no idea if it would be enough to keep EyeTV software as my primary interface on Mac, while being able to use it for displaying/recording encrypted channels too.