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    eyetv TV Guide out of stock?

    I have noticed the same issue. I have several recurring programs that are not showing new episodes and the Gide ends on Feb 4th. Thats happened before occasionally and I simply did the Update Guide feature to get it back up and running. My current TV Guide subscription runs through June or July of this year. First they no longer supported the HD Homerun without notice (an eyetv software upgrade killed it). I had to downgrade the software to keep using my HD Homerun. AND it looks like the software is 32 bit and any 64 bit update will be of no use if it does not support the HD Homerun. Now this. This glitch better be temporary or I want a refund. I have been a loyal eyetv "cord cutter" for many years and this recent buy out has been nothing but bad news. I have already moved over to Plex but their schedule grid is hard to use which is why I have enjoyed the eyetv guide for so long. I also enjoy editing eyetv recordings which Plex can't do (yet). Eyetv (or Geniatech), please fix this guide interruption asap.