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  1. Philip, My experience with entering any company's license activation key, unless you enter every number and letter correctly, as well as your activation name and company as it was when you bought the license, the NEXT button will stay grey. I have had one numeral or letter off (an O instead of a zero for example) and not get past that box. More often I have the wrong user name or email ID. FYI-Best not to publish license keys on the internet. Someone will try using it themselves. They would need your exact name ID/company you used tp purchase the key for it to work. I hope you were able to successfully activate EyeTV4.
  2. Austin, I'm not sure I understand what you wrote. Can you please explain further. "A clip form inside the archive from EyeTV 3"? Are you talking about using EyeTV 4 to edit EyeTV3 recordings? Thanks
  3. I'm curious if you have had any better experience with exporting EveTV 4 files. Has it improved? When you wrote MP4 and MPEG, does EyeTV 4 give you an option of which format to record? Is editing better in one or the other? The export speed is based on your CPU and maybe the GPU. The read/write speed of an SSD or HHD should not be a roadblock.
  4. I'm curious if the file created by EyeTV 4 is the same as created by previous iterations of EyeTV? EyeTV 3 creates a file called " EyeTV Recording. If you right click on the file and choose "Show Package Contents", the file opens up as a folder and you will see the .mpg (MPEG) file. I can pull that .mpg file out and use Handbrake to create a mv4 file that can then be added to iTunes. rml mentioned (above) a way to export the MPEG using just EyeTV4, but I'm thinking Handbrake might give you more options. EyeTV was brilliant (until EyeTV4 apparently) at automatically exporting new recordings directly into iTunes. I did that for many years. Most of us did. I have basically switched over to Plex now, but there are still a few TV shows that I would like to record with EyeTV 4 and convert over to iTunes. Thats probably at most 5% of my recordings. I'd be happy to just deal with that subset (and the export hassle) and let Plex take care of the remaining 95%, which are normally watched just once and then deleted. My question is, does EyeTV 4 create the same type of "EyeTV Recording" file as EyeTV 3 does with the. mpg file hidden inside? Thanks for any input!
  5. Is it possible to purchase EyeTV 4 and run both EyeTV 3 and 4 concurrently on Mojave? I'd like to test EyeTV 4 on Mojave before making the jump to Catalina while still scheduling/recording/editing with EyeTV 3 until I am confidant enough to make the switch permanent.
  6. Two applications are keeping me from Catalina and beyond. Logitech software for my older Harmony remote and EyeTV 3. Funny-both TV oriented! I'll have to buy a new remote for $200+ in order to get 64-bit set-up software. Hard to swallow but that's easy as it's just money. The 64-bit EyeTV 4 is another kettle of whatever. I like being able edit and export programs to iTunes. I started using Plex when EyeTV's EPG went haywire last year. Plex works fine for me but you can't edit with it. Some day I'll have to go all-64 bit but will need something to replace what EyeTV did for so long. I'm watching this thread carefully for some better news. Perhaps build 8523 is a turning point.
  7. Solution: I was able to get EyeTV to see all the signals. I tried several types of channel auto-tuning and finally found one that worked with all the OTA channels.
  8. Correction, I am using a HDHomerun CONNECT. OTA signal is perfect on the HDHomerun app and Plex. However, with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) there is no signal for ABC, NBC, and CBS OTA. Is anyone experiencing anything like this?? I have had poor OTA signals on occasion before, but this has something to do with EyeTV translating the perfectly fine OTA signal. Thankfully Plex works just fine.
  9. Mac/Mojave EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) I have been having trouble for months now with certain channels showing up inconsistently on EyeTV. I have an HDHomerun DUAL tuner. Tuner 0-Antenna has a strong Signal Quality and Strength while Tuner 1 - Antenna is problematic. Usually a decent Signal Strength but weak to non-existent Signal Quality. I often have recordings that stutter badly or do not start at all. I think EyeTV starts with Tuner 1 before using Tuner 0 unless two shows are being recorded simultaneously. Is there a way to turn off Tuner 1 entirely? (I rarely record two programs at once). Or make Tuner 0 the default. More importantly, when I use the HDHomerun app, both tuners are at full strength/quality. A channel that has low or no signal/quality on EyeTV works perfectly with HDHomerun. (I aslo use Plex which has the same issues as EyeTV). I'm not sure how to change Tuners on the HDHomerun app. I thought maybe the HDHomerun DUAL tuner itself was defective but it still provides a great signal to the HDHomerun app. I used to use hdhomerun_config_gui to fine tune each stations signal. There was a separate app that one could go up and down the channel lineup and find options for the best signal strength. It was great but it no longer exists (as far as I can tell). Does anyone remember that great utility?? 1) How do I get EyeTV (and Plex) to get the same signal strength/quality as HDHomerun app? 2) Is there a way to just shut down Tuner 1 on EyeTV without buying a new single HDHomerun tuner? 3) Does the old HD Homerun gui app still exist for Mac?? Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello, I am very happy to see the step by step instructions for getting xmldv listings. I downloaded the instructions but got lost when trying to create the getup document. I copy/pasted: #!/bin/bash cd /Users/[yourusername]/Scripts/ curl[your API key]/[your lineup ID]/14 > xmltv.xml #pause 30 seconds as cushion for download to complete sleep 30s #load EPG into EyeTV open -a EyeTV xmltv.xml Into a new text edit document and saved as a plain text document. It sits in /Users/Scripts/getepg and is a "Plain Text" document type I then proceed to steps 1.3 and 1.4 and in terminal type in: cd /Users/[yourusername]/Scripts/ chmod 755 [yourprogramname] Or cd /Users/[yourusername]/Scripts/ ./getepg In both cases I get the following: MacPro:~ maris$ cd /Users/maris/Scripts/ MacPro:Scripts maris$ ./getepg -bash: ./getepg: No such file or directory Why no file or directory??? Thanks for any help. Maris
  11. I just want to say thanks and how much I appreciate the problem solving efforts here. Rather than just complaining, we have some workable solutions to this "unfortunate" situation. Like many here, I have been using EyeTV and some form of HD Homerun for many many years and don't miss cable AT ALL. Over the air is just fine for me, especially with so many alternative TV options. What has happened with the business end of EyeTV being bought , first dropping support for HDHR and now this, it was (I think) only a matter of time. With no 64-bit update coming that will work with Silicondust products, EyeTV's days were probably numbered after the next big MacOS update anyways. At first all the techie ideas were just too much for me and really not worth the effort. I have Plex and that seems to be working, but not nearly as elegantly as EyeTV was (is). But a big thank you to all of you who posted clear step by step instructions on how to make EyeTV work again (Until Apple does it in for good). I will give it a go and see what happens. Perhaps its just time to start getting through all the books I want to read!! Cheers and big thanks to all you problem solvers!! Maris
  12. I have noticed the same issue. I have several recurring programs that are not showing new episodes and the Gide ends on Feb 4th. Thats happened before occasionally and I simply did the Update Guide feature to get it back up and running. My current TV Guide subscription runs through June or July of this year. First they no longer supported the HD Homerun without notice (an eyetv software upgrade killed it). I had to downgrade the software to keep using my HD Homerun. AND it looks like the software is 32 bit and any 64 bit update will be of no use if it does not support the HD Homerun. Now this. This glitch better be temporary or I want a refund. I have been a loyal eyetv "cord cutter" for many years and this recent buy out has been nothing but bad news. I have already moved over to Plex but their schedule grid is hard to use which is why I have enjoyed the eyetv guide for so long. I also enjoy editing eyetv recordings which Plex can't do (yet). Eyetv (or Geniatech), please fix this guide interruption asap.