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  1. If the "Applications" alias in the installer archive is broken for some reason, you should still be able to drag it to the actual Applications folder. Simply open a second Finder window to the Applications folder, and drag the EyeTV app from one window to the other.
  2. I believe this is normal behavior; the "Series" feature only records episodes marked as "New", and it only records one copy of any given episode. If you want to automate recording of every episode of a given show, you need to setup your Smart Guide options manually. (I've always tended to ignore the series feature, myself, for reasons somewhat related to this issue.)
  3. I had made very nearly the same request at least a couple of times, both via the EyeTV (Mac) feedback screen that used to randomly spawn on launch, and via the EyeTV (iOS) app rating interface, in the App Store. (I'd also requested that they increase feature parity across the board between the two versions of the software, as well as add remote control features to the iOS app, to allow me to control the Mac app... similar to how Apple's Remote app works with iTunes.)
  4. My understanding from discussions I'd had with tech support years ago, was that under Elgato, multiple tuner support wasn't originally designed to handle separate devices, but rather a single dual/triple tuner device. They did modifiy it to support discrete devices (in my case, multiple Hauppauge 950Q tuners) and allowed me to download a pre-release version to experiment with the feature... and then subsequent releases also supported separate devices. However, I was never entirely certain that the feature received much attention, as it was by definition not a profitable add-on to the software, since it basically meant that people like me were spending our money on the cheaper Hauppauge tuners instead of on the more expensive (and yet mechanically identical) EyeTV Hybrid tuners (since, discontinued). In other words, the current implementation is probably still a bit buggy.
  5. Just recorded the Simpsons on my iMac last night with no issues, using a Hauppauge tuner and Sierra. Could the issue be specific to certain tuners?
  6. May I suggest that there might be a much simpler and more effective solution to this -- but you'd need to change a couple of your initial preconceptions: Rather than trying to solve this in software, just connect both antennas to both tuners. I realize it sounds counter-intuitive at first, but I know from experience that it actually works. When I was a teenager, my dad had installed two VHF/UHF long range antennas on the roof of our house, one pointed at one major city and the other pointed at another. He then connected the two to a single coax cable via a standard 70 ohm combiner/splitter box, and ran the combined cable into the house. On the other end, the cable was connected to an amplified 4-way splitter, which delivered the signal to the TVs in the rest of the house. We were able to pick up reception from both antennas with good success. (I probably never would have cut my teeth on Dr Who, otherwise!)
  7. This is an important question. I've been using EyeTV for somewhere around a decade, and it has never been matched by any other product on either Mac or PC. Unfortunately, I have to agree that EyeTV 3 was indeed abandonware -- under Elgato's rein. Instead of fixing long-time known issues, they allowed the core services and products to languish, and focused their development efforts on questionable endeavors such as hacking off access to previously free offerings (like TitanTV guide listings) and developing a disappointingly buggy iOS app which lacks many obvious features. I just happened to discover last night that Elgato had turned over the EyeTV product line to Geniatech, as I wanted to record the premier of a show, but I had allowed my TV Guide subscription to expire many months ago. When I checked my account, it initially said something about the account being invalid... and then when I attempted to update the listings -- it simply worked! No fuss, no muss, thirty day free trial. Then I received the message from Geniatech informing me that my account had been migrated to them. This, I would opine, is a good sign, particularly alongside the creation of a new EyeTV centric forum. The previous "Lounge" forum under Elgato's rein was incredibly useful and contained a wealth of great info for EyeTV users... and it really seemed like the beginning of the end for them, when they abruptly killed off the Lounge. So hopefully, these positive signs under Geniatech indicate that they're starting to ramp up services, and will focus attention on what customers actually want, rather than only on what makes the company a quick buck. All of that said... as a software developer myself, I can tell you that it sometimes takes awhile to get fully up-to-speed on someone else's codebase. So, no assumptions: let's give them a little bit of time to settle in, before we judge their actions.