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  1. One of the EyeTV apps is marked by a "Forbidden" sign. It's probably an old, 32-bit version. It should be possible to remove it by a "CTRL-click-and-hold". Otherwise you can "rm" it from the Terminal. You'll need to have admin privileges, though.
  2. I don't know where you got that information. The "normal" way to boot from an external drive would be to open "System prefs" (or what it's called in your language) under the Apple in the menu row, or from the Dock, then open "Boot disk" (or what ... ). There you can set which boot drive you want to use.
  3. Catalina, EyeTV Hybrid, b10 update Seems that the installer(s) will leave some old "cruft" behind, such as these .kext files, vintage 2013:
  4. Beta 10, running under Catalina, first impressions: – Persisting Installer problem. – Full Screen handling has gone from Bad to Worse. – Glad that I still can run EyeTV3 under Mojave.
  5. Yes, it does, but the button to the right of "Now" should always show "Today", whenever you hit "Now", shouldn't it? But it won't get "in sync" until 06AM, and then it will get "out of sync" again, sometime during the late evening. And until it is synced, one can only scroll the list forward a few hours, so one can't set programs for recording for the whole next day. When the shot was taken, I couldn't scroll past 08 AM. – EyeTV Hybrid, running EyeTV4.0.0b9(8512) under Catalina.
  6. Discovered that EyeTV thinks that "Today" begins at 06 AM. Don't know when it goes "Yesterday" again.
  7. I halfways agree with you. 😉 In my profession – as a developer and programmer of industral and military appliances since the late 1960:es, – Geniatech wouldn't have survived one week: you deliver, or you're out. My only concern this far is EyeTV Hybrid running under Mac Catalina, and, frankly, Geniatech's software isn't even ready for the Alpha stage in that perspective. And they have had more than a year to "go 64-bits"... However: Geniatech have admitted that they don't have the "muscles" to run every possible combination of software and hardware (which is remarcable per se), and have opened this list for users to express their experiences. And we do this the best we can, in the hope to save our investments in hardware... Rgds, /Bruce
  8. Same here. The crashed installer will leave a folder on your desk. Open it and then open the .dmg file that you'll find there. Worked for me. You'll have to close down EyeTV first, if it's running, before dragging the new beta to the "Applications" folder.
  9. Catalina 1.15.1 EyeTV Hybrid EyeTV 4.0b8 (8511) When sorting recorded TV series alphabetically, the Seasons and Parts are not sorted by their numbers, but by the most significant figures of the numbers, such as: Part 1, 10, 11,..., 18, 19, 2, 20, 21,..., 28, 29, 3, 30, etc.
  10. The EyeTV Hybrid running EyeTV 4.0b8 (8511) under Catalina: If I have a "hidden" application ( such as Mail ) running behind a full TV screen, and move it to the foreground, then EyeTV will dim out some of the options in the application's menu, so I'll have to Quit the application to get back to the TV. And EyeTV will extend the application's window to full screen, if I instead "exit full screen" in EyeTV, which will give me back the option to put the other application in the background again. Sigh!
  11. The Elgato Hybrid running EyeTV 4.0b8 (8511) under Catalina, draws more than twice the CPU power (26%), compared with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) under Mojave. ...and the UI is a disaster, as many others have witnessed.