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  1. Same for me: recordings are only +1 minute long; and do not follow the Extend start/finish settings Following Ton's advice didn't help (and the .plist file on my setup does not contain prepad and postpad fields)
  2. This is probably because the new guide is lacking Season and Episode number information in the fields "SEASONID" and "EPISODENUM". This information was available in the older guide (for example using Apple Script and the EyeTV feature "TriggeredScripts" show titles can be updated automatically with S01 E01 text by reading the information from these fields at the end of a recording). With the new guide these fields do not contain any information: observed with Modern Family (ABC) and Big Bang Theory (FOX) shows. Hopefully the new guide will get this information too.
  3. I installed this new build (7528). Several bits of good news: 1) it works with my HDHomeRun tuner (the first build to do so, since (7520)). 2) the guide is working with my existing subscription that has not yet finished.
  4. That's great that you do not experience recording failures - for the first three years, EyeTV was very reliable for me too. For some unknown reason for the last two years occasionally I experience a system panic when recording with EyeTV, maybe once every 20 to 30 recordings. I'll see the Mac OS X login password screen, then see a failed recording in EyeTV. It's a situation where I'm not motivated to ask tech support for help as it seems a waste of my time: it's impossible to duplicate and likely is some complex cross-platform/application thing. At one stage I thought it was due to using a Fusion drive, but that turned out not to be the case after making a fresh install on a non-Fusion drive. Moving forward I need a TV guide recording solution that has long-term support for the HDHomeRun. Since EyeTV dropped that ball, I figure HDHomeRun manufacturer SiliconDust is a good choice (as I already said, I'll miss EyeTV's great user interface - video scrub editing, smart guide recording - hey-ho).
  5. Yup the Mac Mini is running an older MacOS build - currently El Capitan. Moving forward without EyeTV, I'll be able to move to 64 bit whenever that seems right. To edit .TS files on Mac OS I'm using the free MPEGStreamClip but it requires an MPEG-2 install which I purchased a long time back from Apple. The interface is not as good as EyeTV, but you can cut out sections on a timeline at the nearest frame, then convert the final trimmed .TS to an MPEG. This workflow was how I was using EyeTV. If I ever go back to Windows (if...) I own a licence for TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 software which will do the same.
  6. With the paid TV Guide not working, and HD HomeRun support dropped, I've started using the SiliconDust DVR service on a NAS server, alongside EyeTV (7520) on a Mac Mini. Despite a learning curve for the UI and, of course different feature sets..., overall the SiliconDust is getting the job done: MPEG .TS files are being saved to my NAS hard disk from guide-driven series recordings from my HDHomeRun tuner. I can easily edit/trim/convert these recordings using other standalone software. I think the final blow for EyeTV for me just happened last night. Recording the final episode of the latest season of a popular comedy, partway through the EyeTV/Mac Mini setup had a panic and the OS rebooted to the login screen. Failed recording. Meanwhile the SiliconDust DVR NAS setup completed recording - and that's what truly matters. Good luck with EyeTV folks, but for me it really is time to put my annual subscription money elsewhere. Five years of using EyeTV, I'll certainly miss the video scrub editing user interface and ability to edit smart recording schedules. Moving forward I simply need reliable recording with a supported guide, and I'll use other tools to post-process.
  7. Great tip - wish I'd known this earlier. Worked for me. My alias name in the internal drive EyeTV Archive folder, and folder name on the external hard drive, are identical, e.g.: EyeTV Archive . Thanks.
  8. I received this 12 hours ago. Angela told me this new beta version does not support HD HomeRun tuners - so I am unable to test it. Hello Guy, Thank you for contacting us. To solve this problem, we have worked out a beta version of eyetv software. Would you like to test it for us. Kind regards, Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  9. Now having a go with ATSC guide and cut and pasting show info from TV This is going to be tedious. 6 months of subscription of TV Guide left to go. Damn. Agree with comments here that EyeTV is a good Mac recording solution - and depressing that EyeTV has dropped support for HD HomeRun. I particularly like EyeTV capability to edit out commercials (though it requires manual work, I find it's worth the effort). EyeTV RIP?
  10. + 1 Same problem on OS X El Capitan. 3.6.9 (7520) - keeping this version as it works with SiliconDust HD Home Run. Subscription good through August 15, 2019 Wondering who to contact to get this fixed?
  11. I'm also stuck on 7520 until EyeTV works with HDHomeRun. In January 2018, I just bought the new four tuner HDHomeRun box (HDHR5-4US) and noticed EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) only finds two (of the four) tuner channels. I need Geniatech to: 1. restore support for HDHomeRun network tuners in latest EyeTV releases 2. increase the EyeTV support for HDHomeRun tuner channels from 2 to (at least) 4 Thanks.
  12. Same problem. Build 7521 does not support HDHomeRun Connect device (HDHR4-2US) here in USA. Broken update!!!
  13. I know how you feel. EyeTV could be a great product but is not supported, and bugs are an increasing problem - my install on a Mac Mini frequently crashes due to an EyeTV panic which makes the whole Mac OS system reboot (say once out of 10 to 20 times) after recordings start, resulting in incomplete recordings. Very poor. I digress. I once had the stuttering problem. What worked for me was connecting all EyeTV computers and the SiliconDust tuner using wired Ethernet to a single 20USD Gigabit switch. Anyway, hope the SilconDust DVR works out - can you edit commercials out of the recorded video? Can you export the recorded program streams MPEG files? If so, I might change too.
  14. I have had the same problem (HDHomeRun; ATSC antenna signal in US; using paid TV Guide subscription for EPG; channel 7-1 ABC was not visible in the EyeTV Program Guide). Viewing the missing channel 7-1 in a live TV window did not restore the channel in the program guide. The fix for me was to right click on Program Guide and select "Clear EPG guide", then update the guide. All channels including Channel 7-1 are now restored in the guide.