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  1. This problem is sad. But the problems with EyeTV on a Mac for US HDHomeRun tuners has increasing for years. Nothing new. 1- had the same problem with lack of support for the HDHomeRun 2- I've had a problem with awful recordings with drops in the recordings for a year and a half. Updates only made the problems worse. This was the cause of me to dump the software. 3- Finding out that TV Guide would be tied to only one computer really was a nasty change for me. I have three different computers around the house that were tied to different screens and one of those was dedicated to recordings only. I would never pay for three subscriptions. My solution was to ditch the EyeTV software. Wow, I've used this software mostly reliably for a very long time since my original 200 hardware. But, I've been surprised at how much I've enjoyed using Plex since it has added DVR capability. It's more autonomous, and therefore I don't spend the time I used to take in making sure all the commercials were trimmed correctly using Comskip. At first, I could only get three recordings at once reliably, but it seems to be doing up to six just fine now. And the interface is more family friendly than EyeTV. I miss the controls for recordings that EyeTV has. But maybe more options will be added in the future. Good luck to everybody still sticking with EyeTV. I'll keep checking in on the forum once in a while, to see if things have greatly improved.
  2. I think there are a multiple of issues. MacOS access to the original MacOS recordings, IOS to the original MacOS recordings. Then both of those have a travel versus home issue. Home Travel IOS tor original MacOS recordings WORKS ?NOT WORKS {1) WORKS (2) NOT WORKS (3) (1) I see no server through the IOS software anymore while on the road. MacOS EyeTV says that it is sharing & the IOS app works while at home. The App just doesn't find any servers while on the road. (2) The workaround seems to use the eyetv server ip, as described above, "IPofHome:2170/eyetv", secondly, eyetv on multiple computers is a functional duplicate (3) I'm interested in the look of the URL would get "IPofHome:2170/eyetv" to reach the home IP and then the computer "IPofHome:2170/eyetv" Just for reference to anyone, I'm using the latest IOS app 2.1.7, and the EyeTV version 3.6.9, Mac Sierra, IOS 10.12.3, and three of the new fanless SiliconDust Extends running version 20161119. BTW, I also updated to ETVComskip 3.5.4.
  3. In a quick review of forum topics, I bumped into this discussion. I've used three sets of HDHOMERUN EXTENDS successfully, with the latest software without having any problems. My only issue was with the recording Mac Mini acquired a bad drive. When I switched to a newer Mini, temporarily, that was a 2 processor I7, I noticed recording dropouts that the slightly slower older Mini did not have. The older one was a 4 processor I7. The good setup is running tonight, but I've sold a couple of the tuners, and am replacing them with the fanless EXTENDS. The only thing left to do is buy the replacements and install the commercial skip software, which is a pain in the... to get correctly running.