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  1. i bought EyeTV 4 a few days ago for EyeTV Sat Free. Immediatly after downloading the App on my iMac 2017 with macOS Catalina 10.15.7 it offered an update, so i downloaded it as well. After starting EyeTV 4.00 (8524) all channels stuttered. I was pretty pissed. Later i found info in the forum to try the oder version. I replaced the App with the one in the trash, EyeTV 4.00 (8517). This one worked the way it should. So i wonder, why is the crap version (8524) still around and why does Geniatech not pull the trigger and just use the older version (8517), which seems to work fine (at least over here).
  2. yes, frankfurt. I'm not sure when i will find the time to make the research on which of those linux set top boxes to get, but hopefully I don't forget to make a post over here when its done. I'm not aware of a macOS app for this setup, no.
  3. I bought a Netstream 4c on friday from Amazon. I was hoping to get things sorted out, but i also coulnd't update the firmware and the Apple TV app is a joke, indeed. So i will send it back today. My next attempt will be a VU+ box (or another linux tv streaming set top box) with about two cable tuners and the vuplusTV app for Apple TV: vuplusTV app: thread: k