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  1. I was going through my recorded programs and editing program information to add episode number and title information, when suddenly the edit info window failed to appear. Now, anytime I click anywhere on the EyeTV Programs window (including the window open/close/minimize widgets), or issue a keyboard command, it simply beeps and nothing else happens. The main EyeTV menu is greyed out and right-clicking also results in a beep. There are some menu items that are not greyed out, such as the entire Apple menu, which is fully functional, "EyeTV Help", under the Help menu, and the "Hide EyeTV", Hide Others, and Show All, under the EyeTV menu. I can "hide" EyeTV, but the EyeTV Programs window doesn't actually hide. But, neither does it come to the foreground when I "show" EyeTV, again. I have to move or minimize any windows that were in the foreground, and, of course, it beeps when I click on the Programs window. When I right-click on the EyeTV icon in the Dock, and choose "Show All Windows", the "invisible" or "phantom" window becomes "visible": the EyeTV Programs window moves to the right side, with the window title underneath, and the "invisible" window moves to the left, with another "EyeTV Programs" title underneath. The "invisible" window can't be seen, so it's just an empty space, with only the window title visible. Neither window can be chosen -- again with a beep. Meanwhile, EyeTV continues to record scheduled programs, so I'm not missing anything while the program interface is blocked. I know this because I can see the file list changing in the Finder, as the recordings progress. It has recorded six programs since all of this started. I would normally just kill EyeTV and relaunch, as I have done before, but I have a rather long chain of scheduled recordings ahead of this, and I don't want to perform the usual trick to end the shenanigans. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know how to escape this situation without force-quitting the app? I would list EyeTV version info, but the "About EyeTV" is inaccessible. Finder reports it as v3.6.9. I'm running Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.5) on a Mac Mini Server (mid-2011).