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  1. Now I have got my service back it seems. Do we get 5 days longer on our paid time, for the lapsed service?
  2. Same problem in Sweden too. Have tried to contact their different supports places for a few days, without result. Somewhere they even boldly stated that they had support for both Xmas and New year.
  3. have the same problem now for nearly a month. Have posted ticket and tooled they solve the problem soon. But no change for over a week. When the previous company run the service they restated the failing Gracenote server and the problem was fixed. What is wrong with the people working for Geniatech? :-(
  4. Thanks for the supporting words Erik, I have now once again cleared the mac from EyeTV and reinstalled. But when I arrive at the point of registry it is a failure and asks me to connect to Internet where I clearly is. Today I tested to read the integrity police and that seemed to connect me to the North American site?? A clue to the problem? Choose the International version and reached the forum. So is the EyeTV program supplied by Geniatech trying to connect me to a North American server for a Gracenote Guide? If so no wonder I can't get in contact with the Gracenote european version.
  5. I'm still not happy. Waiting for Gracenote server to work for me here in Sweden. Have been out of the service since beginning of the month. Have received a ticketnr and a "sorry for the inconvinience" but no working service. [Ticket#201607191600024] and f 1or the same issue when previous laps in service [Ticket#2016071516000132]
  6. Having the same issue and have continously asked for support on the site. Finally now by mail I have reached somebody via a ticketnumber from a previous issue with Gracenote server and perhaps there will be some action.