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Anyone know how or is willing to set up a subgroup on reddit for us EyeTV fans? Dunno anything about it, but I'd have time to help moderate if needed.

I imagine there's enough people who could use it. Some topics I'd love to see covered are alternate EPGs like XML TV, how to maintain our EyeTV system when Geniatech stops upgrading it, best MacOS for each EyeTV version, someone to host all the legacy EyeTV versions, general tips and tweaks etc. 

I suggest this because this forum is pretty much at the mercy of Geniatech. There's a loyal community of EyeTV users in the US who maybe shouldn't rely on the generosity of Geniatech to share info and workarounds.



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I've done a little research but don't know enough about being a moderator. Also, if there's only, like 12 people who would participate, there's no need to stray from this site. A Wiki page might work better or maybe a web site. 

Part of my motivation here is simply gathering a critical mass of knowledgeable folks together to cobble together a way to continue to use EyeTV once MacOS goes 64 bit exclusively. Am already keeping a spare Mini that I'm not updating to be sure I can run EyeTV until it wears out, but it'd be good to hear from others how they're planning to continue. 

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