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Can I suggest a working alternative to EyeTV 4.. My suggestion is to not spend the money on the upgrade but instead purchase Parallels instead. EyeTV 3.6.9 works great under emulation, even the jerky video of EyeTV 4 disappears. I now have video export back, and I enjoy the great experience I have had for over 2 decades. A real complement to the original software developers at Elgato.

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Auf meinem MacPro 5.1 (macOS Mojave 10.14.6) benutze ich eyeTV3 Version 3.6.9 (7528) mit gültigen Freischaltcode. Über mein WLan Netzwerk / IPTV und einem SAT>IP Server empfange ich Sateliten-Fernsehn. Nach genau 30 Minuten stopt die Fernsehübertragung und das Monitor-Fenster schließ automatisch. Die eyeTV-Fernbedienung bleibt auf dem Bildschirm. Um Fernsehen weiter anzuschauen muss ich das Programm eyeTV beenden und neu starten. Und nach weiteren 30 Minuten schaltetet das Programm erneut ab.

Wie kann ich dieses Problem lösen?

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Hi Zanc

I'm here looking at whether to update from Mojave to Big Sur. EyeTV has been a major stumbling block as it appears v4 is no good and I stream to my iPad every day as well.

Can you explain how you installed and got, presumably, Mojave running under Catalina in Parallels? Did you copy your pre-upgraded System to Parallels or did you have to install a basic OS then reinstall all the applications you want to run. I've still got a ton of 32-bit apps I really don't want to lose and it would really help not to have to find the installers, codes and reinstall them all. I bet most of the old updates aren't available any more as well.



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