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  1. Peut-être vous avez seulement la clé pour EyeTV3 qui ne fonctionne pas avec BigSur..?
  2. Not yet
  3. Too bad this build 7530 does not seem to fix the "Extend the recording time" bug introduced in build 7528 Please Geniatech, fix this too as the workround by geeji in the linked thread is too tiresome to re-do after every restart. The option to choose to extend the recording time is one of the most useful features in any PVR software and the lack of it hinders the usefulness of scheduled recordings in general.
  4. You could just right click on the file in Finder, choose Show Package Contents and access the MPEG file directly or copy it to another location.
  5. tmi

    Eyetv 3 issues

    Have you tried clearing your EPG database and then updating the EPG?
  6. tmi

    No firmware update

    Try You can find other versions in
  7. Despite my experience with Mojave I'd still say EyeTV 3 is the way to go, for now at least. Regarding Geniatech I have no clue. The US and EU always was a somewhat different market hardwarewise even in Elgato days but still the software was the same. With Geniatech this seems changed.
  8. Yes, EyeTV4. Catalina only runs 64bit applications and EyeTV3 is 32bit. Either downgrade to Mojave or buy EyeTV4. I've been using 3.6.9 (7628) with Mojave for a while now and can't really say I'm that impressed: EyeTV3 either seems to hang or crash after running for a few days. What I've read about EyeTV4 isn't really encouraging either regarding stability + you can't use ETVComskip (at least, not yet)...
  9. tmi

    EyeTV to Video TS

    Sorry, meant to use this link instead iTV2DVD [].
  10. tmi

    EyeTV to Video TS

    Sorry for a late answer but better late than never, eh... At least it used to be possible to convert .eyetv recordings to DVD images with iTV2DVD [], maybe to just VIDEO_TS, too. I don't have a clue how well that works anymore (or if at all)... at least Catalina is out of the question. A still working download: iTV2DVD_1.0.6. You'll need X11 / XQuartz for even a chance to get it working, though.
  11. tmi

    4C works in Finland?

    Sorry to come to this so late but the short answer is: yes. Officially, 4C is "supported only in Germany blah-blah" but this is just the typical corporate talk i.e. you're on your own without official support. 4C works much the same as the older EyeTV 610 box - only in LAN with multiple tuners and lacking the CI-adapter slot. Both boxes (probably the Hybrid USB stick is no different) can be used simultaneously totalling to 5 tuners (yes, there used to be an issue that 4C used only 2 tuners with EyeTV3 but as I understand it this has been nowadays resolved) and in this case the 610 is the "main tuner" when pressing ON/OFF on the remote (if pressing channel numbers on the remote to open the Live TV window the tuner is chosen randomly - you can see the signal origin on the Live TV window title if not in fullscreen). etv-comskip works quite well, just need to make sure the build matches the MacOS -version and tweak the comskip.ini in Library/Application Support/ETVComskip for one's taste and better results. With the excellent tutorial in the other thread, 4C can also be used probably with any system where Kodi is supported with TVHeadend e.g. as Kodi add-ons for server and PVR client. From the top of my head the only real complaint I can think of is the heating issue of 4C - it gets quite warm (almost burns to touch). So the box needs to have enough space around it to let the air flow properly. I don't know if it's related but occasionally the 4C may stop working (not even the webserver is responding) and needs to be rebooted with the flick of the power switch and EyeTV3 also needs to be restarted after this to find the tuners again. This isn't anything too regular and most of the time "everything just works" but YMMV.
  12. Finally! Thank you (and all the others who have worked and contributed tidbits of information on this elsewhere)! I struggled with this a couple of years back and couldn't get TVHeadend to recognize my Netstream 4C even after resetting it to the initial firmware & toying with some of the Tombea options and eventually gave up until now after noticing the tutorial. By trial and error I had learned that at least one certain EyeTV3 version would upgrade the firmware back but your info about the exact versions is also appreciated. At least for me, everything in the tutorial checked out and my Netstream 4C is now working with EyeTV3 running on Mac mini and TVHeadened from CoreELEC/Kodi. On the Mac mini I also use etv-comskip which luckily can be set to mark the commercial also for Kodi (set output_vdr=1 in comskip.ini) and if I remember correctly, this also worked fine when toying with a separate tuner earlier. Once again big thanks!