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  1. Just finished up requesting a refund from PayPal. Fortunately I was just barely within their 180-day limit for processing a complaint for a refund. Now off to pursue EYEMISSELGATO's solution using "schedulesdirect" JSON...wish me luck!
  2. I filled out a new "support ticket" demanding a refund and received this reply from "Angela"... > Hello Holden > Sorry for the inconvenience. > The restoration has been completed. We are testing it now. We will inform you > immediately once it is finished testing. > Kind regards, > Angela > Geniatech EyeTV Support Team I'm going to give it one more week and then start working with PayPal to get my money back,
  3. My Support ticket response from Angela at Geniatech: Hello Holden, Thank you for your request. Sorry for the inconvenience. We just come back from our Spring Festival Holidays. It is a technical issue. which will take us a few days to fix it. We will keep you informed. Please wait with patience. Kind regards, Angela If the Spring Festival is the one where copious quantities of beer are consumed , maybe that is a factor in the delay. 🙂
  4. Thanks all for the TitanTV responses. I made a point in my support ticket to just ask how I go about receiving a refund on the unused portion of my 2019 payment good through September 19th. Nice to see the next post quoting the response on Facebook about subscription extensions!
  5. Total non-programmer user here and the solution that seems to have evolved after lots of diligent and thoughtful work seems daunting to me. Has anyone figured out how to modify the EyeTV software to make TitanTV work which I used successfully in the pre-TVGuide EyeTV era as brief as it was? TitanTV is no longer a selectable *source* in the EyeTV software's Guide "Service" Pull-down window....
  6. Thanks Ton! Maybe there is a better solution for my need. I suffer from a hearing loss in certain frequencies which the Equalizer function in DVD Player corrects very well. Maybe there is an equalizer app that will work in conjunction with EyeTV that would add that functionality to just playing back the .eyetv recorded program?
  7. Is it possible to convert .eyetv files to VIDEO TS files and make them playable with the Mac "DVD Player" application?