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  1. From Geniatech: "Blog 8: Eyetv 32-bit & macOS Mojave 10.14, HighSierra 10.13.4 (update 25th September 2018) Recently, when starting 32-bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. This message also affects eyetv if the operating system version macOS Mojave 10.14, HighSierra 10.13.4 is installed on the computer. Irrespective of this information window, eyetv is in no way impaired in its operability and the usual quality. There are no negative effects on the computer and its data, eyetv runs without problems. As future versions of macOS are expected to limit the execution of 32-bit applications as the next step, we would like to inform our customers about the ongoing development of a 64-bit version of eyetv. With this 32 to 64 bit version step, eyetv as a smart TV platform will continue to meet eyetv’s expectations, which are also consistently fulfilled under iOS, Android and Windows."
  2. Interesting anomaly here...after successfully completing the recommended "step-by-step" for getting schedules.direct to provide my guide and schedule service via .xmltv, I somehow boggled the auto-update script in the Home/Library/Launch Agents folder and proceeded to tinker with that for a few days and it wasn't auto-updating. I must have finally gotten it right now, but with a twist. Even though I pared down my local cable-listing inventory at schedules.direct, days ago. this morning I found that EyeTV's Channels listing now shows the entire world of channels my cable provider offers are back. That surprised me because as I changed the "xmltv" pull-down for each channel in my much smaller listing of desired channels, I "deleted" all the channels EyeTV was showing that were unchecked and showing "Nome" for Guide-provider. Last night's first-time successful update put all the unchecked channels back in my EyeTV Channels window even though the Program Guide in EyeTV still only showed program information for the channel inventory I wanted and indeed the end of that update of Guide listings had moved ahead to 2 weeks and two days into the future beyond where it was set originally before I had the auto-update in the right order of things. No big deal, I guess...just was surprised to see all of those unwanted channels back in my list.
  3. 'jpNist27'...I don't watch much EyeTV programming in real time either, but I take the extra step of actually editing out the commercials before watching playback so I get roughly 42 minutes of an hour's program content without touching a remote to FF past the commercials. I also agree with Earl, that infrequent failure to record with EyeTV has mostly been user error.
  4. jpMist27...I gleaned what I posted from the web...there is a lengthy description of the company on Wikipedia which also cautions that it may contain "inaccuracies" and incomplete information...here's the *link* <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TiVo_Corporation> Thanks all for the descriptions of how to handle multiple EyeTV Archives!
  5. Earl...with PBS affiliates the local station often broadcasts multiple program signals...a welcome feature of digital broadcasting. In my market (Tampa, Florida) the local PBS affiliate has five additional broadcast channels. "...WEDU’s other broadcast channels (WEDUQ, Create TV, The Florida Channel (local government programming), PBS Kids, and PBS World) in providing a robust collection of quality programming throughout 16 counties in West Central Florida." In my 'xmltv' "pull-down" list of possible stations to associate with a given channel number, unless it shows you all of the PBS "sub-channels" in your market, you may have mis-associated two different PBS channels with the same (and often only associative choice).That could cause you to be getting two recordings of the same PBS channel program. Check your xmltv choices in the EPG pull-down for the two channels that recorded the same program. Note: A few of the "Indie"channels in some markets also broadcast one or two separate and distinct programming offerings along with their main signal.
  6. Yeah 'EYEMISS...', it does...and it makes me want to take my new and likely dangerously insufficient Unix skills and write other little helpful *scripts* to do things without so much as a ":wq".... 🙂
  7. Awhile back, there was mention of storing EyeTV-recorded programs on external drives and the need to have programs stored in the EyeTV Archive foder inside the Documents folder. on the boot drive I have a lot of programs like all the Mad Men and Sopranos episodes on external drives. I just store them in a folder there designated as EyeTV Archive and then when the external drive is connected, I use the EyeTV Preferences option and "link" them in the second "Recording" panel to the external drive and then re-launch EyeTV and it finds the recorded programs there instead of the actual EyeTV Archive folder on the boot drive...works fine and when the external drive is disconnected, EyeTV automagically reverts to the Archive folder on the boot drive to look for programs..
  8. Great idea about "aliasing" the hidden Home "Library" folder to the sidebar...thanks, Phillie!
  9. ...and shortly after...SUCCESS, I am so *geeked*. I'm through "Step 10" now and headed for home. EyeTV whose Channels list was empty opened and now Apple's multi-colored rotating ball is hopefully telling me it is loading my inventory and I see channels where there none were before. It's about three minutes later and the Apple rotating ball has stopped and I have Program Guide Now on to Steps 11 through completion for automating the update process and this is one happy old dude living the retired life in Florida on his way! Note to all who are unfulfilled or struggling...as 'EYEMISSELGATO, 'UnixGuy', 'WisconsinEric' and others have posted here...YOU CAN DO THIS....these folks have saved our TV Guide-less bacon as it were!
  10. That must be my problem, 'UnixGuy' as a later attempt yielded the response of "missing -g" which I saw on the schedules.direct "key" listed as "country code". I'm off to try...in the meantime I pared down my channels-pull list at schedules.direct to 54 instead of 588. I'm also seeing that the schedules.direct mapping of channel numbers is a more nearly perfect match to my actual cable channel program assignments than xmltv.com. It has only one anomaly and I've written them about fixing that. Based on previous posts to this thread, I suspect that will get fixed promptly.
  11. Stuck on working through getting the "schedules.direct" solution working... Using the step-by-step in the "2nd version of schedules direct.pdf", I seem to be good through Step 7...making the mc2xml file an "executable"....was successful. But in Step 8, trying to run the command "./mc2xml -J [schedules.direct username:password] just presents a ">" prompt and churns. I waited many minutes and it just "hung" there and never created an mc2xml.dat file and an xmldv.xml file in my Scripts folder. Am I just not waiting long enough? My cable service provider does have literally hundreds of channels on its coax.
  12. Yes, I had to create a new e-mail address to use since mine is already in the"got a refund" disabled file at Geniatech. I got the build from the link earlier here in the Forum and downloaded the build that is supposedly now being tested. It worked to the extent that it showed me my cable provider in the Set-Up Assistant zip-based drop down. It also showed when my access expired (May 7th. as I remember). But that was all I could evaluate. Set-up Assistant would not configure itself to talk to my cable box and finish the installation and populate the "Channels" window with my cable-provider's channel inventory and therefor show a guide based on the channels...hence no ability to change channels on my cable box with the EyeTV
  13. After my early suspicions that Geniatech intended to let its TV Guide service just die, it looks like it has come to a successful "arrangement" with the Rovi Corporation for continued access to their listings service. Rovi certainly seems to have the "chops" to be around for awhile with its Macrovision roots and TIVO ownership. I see the "beta" access is offered through early May, so maybe by late May/June we'll have access to whatever this new "Premium TV Guide" service will look like. The beta does have a pretty accurate choice for my cable provider's channel listings based on the zip-code based drop-down in the Set-Up Assistant. The issue for me when its operational will be the annual subscription cost compared to its old cost and the XML-based alternatives. I suspect the addition of the "Premium" descriptor means a hefty price rise.
  14. Catching up here...seems like 'jpMist27' and I were/are in the same furrow... I am pleased to report that I now have two Mini's working again with the XMLTV guide service. It hasn't been "auto-updating" but I see from recent posts that it needed a final line (</plist>) so I'll try that. The XMLTV listing for my Spectrum cable service in Florida on a coupe of channels I like doesn't match it's actual channel number, but I will try the EyeTV gear "Add Channel manually" for them and see if that works. 'EYEMISSELGATO's' "export/import" suggestion did work at restoring channels for the second disabled Mini, but since the Time Machine "restore" worked so well on the first, I just did it again on the second. The new Mini is still in the box but working with it is "up to bat" for this weekend. It has the 6-core i7 processor, the 1Tb SSD storage, and 16 Gigs of RAM so I'm expecting it to blaze compared to its nearest (Late 2014) predecessor with a 1Tb "fusion" drive. Never thought I'd pay $2,000 for a Mini though <gasp>, but at almost 80 nearly ancient years, it is likely to be my last!. I am determined to configure it with 'EYEMISSELGATO's' successful "schedules direct" guide solution using the "how-to's posted awhile back. Wish me luck!
  15. Addenda...my Mini's are all running OSX Sierra (10.12.6) along with the identical EyeTV HD boxes. I have tried all of the usual power-down/reboot routines on the Minis and the EyeTV hardware to no avail. While working on my second Mini EyeTV revival, I will also have a new system to play with. Fed-Ex just brought me a new Mini which has Mojave installed with the new APFS file system, so I'll get to try installing EyeTV from scratch on a new 64 bit Mac and see what happens. I'll report back....:-)