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  1. I have never used "smart guides". To make sure there is enough padding, after the program is scheduled, I go into "Scheduled Programs", select the guide-scheduled program and increment the "start" time back one minute and the end time an additional minute from the one the schedule creates....seems to work except when recording time adjacent programs. In that case I use another Mac and its EyeTV to record the time adjacent program with the same padding increments for it's program.
  2. It looks like Geniatech continues to tinker with its support of the EyeTV 3 application...as the number following the build number in parenthesis is incrementing upwards. I have a download from about the time when a form of a television guide returned that was EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) 20190727 and the one available for download this morning is EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) 20190730.
  3. You can see if the EyeTV Helper applet is installed by navigating to System Preferences->Users & Groups-> Login Items window and you should see it there with a toggle to 'hide". If it is not there, reinstall EyeTV. The Login Items window also shows an iTunes Helper... I've never seen any other except those two.
  4. I still get the warning (Build 7528) with Sierra and Mojave. I also get the warning if I try to change the EyeTV channel while it is recording another channel.
  5. I am running the (7528) build on the Sierra Mini which I reported on above. I also have another newer Mini running Mojave so I ran my *test* on that Mini too. With a program scheduled and EyeTV turned off, it did relaunch EyeTV at the scheduled time and record as desired. But with the Mini powered off, EyeTV did not restart the Mac at the scheduled time. So, your hunch that Mojave's more advanced security does seem to prevent EyeTV from having its way and booting the Mojave Mac does seem to be correct.
  6. You got me thinking about this too, since I had memories of this happening as well. So, in the last half hour I tested it. First, I set a program to record and then quit EyeTV but left my Mini running. A minute or so before the scheduled recording EyeTV launched itself and changed the channel on my Spectrum cable box to the desired channel and began recording. The, I set a program to record and then quit EyeTV AND I powered off the Mac as well and switched the TV's input to the cable box. A minute or so before the scheduled EyeTV program, I was surprised to hear the familiar start-up sound or "chime" and my cable box was changed to the scheduled EyeTV program. When I switched the TV's "input" back to the Mac Mini, it was indeed powered on and the cable box changed the its channel to the channel the EyeTV was set record. So...yes both things can and did just happen in my test...i.e. for a scheduled EyeTV program with EyeTV "quit". It relaunched itself to record the program. And if the Mac was powered off, it powered up the Mini and launched EyeTV and began recording the scheuled program. I never let my Mac go into "sleep"mode, so I don't know what happens when it is sleeping with regard to EyeTV. So, it appears if your Mini is haunted Rick, mine it as well.
  7. Levanah...I had the same experience initially but after I ran the "Uninstall" routine from the EyeTV Reporter utility (recommended in a previous thread here) and then reinstalled the new 3.6.9 (7528) the problem was resolved. The "Uninstall" app removes all ancillary EyeTV files (visible and hidden) from your older copy of EyeTV which I assume was making an improperly formatted request for update and hence the "server error" response. You can read about and download the EyeTV Reporter utility here: <https://www.geniatech.eu/faq/wie-nutze-ich-das-eyetv-reporter-dienstprogramm/>
  8. The new Geniatech version of EyeTV 3 has an interesting anomaly. When checking just now under Prefs->Guide to see if it was doing its daily update as my pull-down choice has mandated, it says my schedule was updated "Today at 2:59 p.m." Interesting....since it is now only 12:39 p.m. EDT. here. So I am guessing that it is showing the update in terms of GMT or GMT +2 (Germany's time zone). That seems to not be converted to my Mac's system time. No big deal, I am just glad it is updating daily as I could never get the SchedulesDirect "script" to auto-update for me. This feature alone, since working, is enough to bring me back to the Geniatech EyeTV fold no matter what the difference in cost per year turns out to be. I will miss the episode number designation that Schedules Direct was providing, but I can get that from my cable provider's listing for any given episodic programming.
  9. Downloaded and installed EyeTV 3.6.9 (version 7528) on two Minis running OSX Sierra (10.12.6). Both successfully downloaded and populated TV listings for the upcoming two weeks. Both have also scheduled, recorded, and played back chosen programming successfully. So, all is as it was prior to February of this year when the software's TV Guide service quit working. I did not receive any notification from Angela that there was now a new working version of the software. Fortunately I was able to find that out here. Thanks to all...
  10. From Geniatech: "Blog 8: Eyetv 32-bit & macOS Mojave 10.14, HighSierra 10.13.4 (update 25th September 2018) Recently, when starting 32-bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. This message also affects eyetv if the operating system version macOS Mojave 10.14, HighSierra 10.13.4 is installed on the computer. Irrespective of this information window, eyetv is in no way impaired in its operability and the usual quality. There are no negative effects on the computer and its data, eyetv runs without problems. As future versions of macOS are expected to limit the execution of 32-bit applications as the next step, we would like to inform our customers about the ongoing development of a 64-bit version of eyetv. With this 32 to 64 bit version step, eyetv as a smart TV platform will continue to meet eyetv’s expectations, which are also consistently fulfilled under iOS, Android and Windows."
  11. Interesting anomaly here...after successfully completing the recommended "step-by-step" for getting schedules.direct to provide my guide and schedule service via .xmltv, I somehow boggled the auto-update script in the Home/Library/Launch Agents folder and proceeded to tinker with that for a few days and it wasn't auto-updating. I must have finally gotten it right now, but with a twist. Even though I pared down my local cable-listing inventory at schedules.direct, days ago. this morning I found that EyeTV's Channels listing now shows the entire world of channels my cable provider offers are back. That surprised me because as I changed the "xmltv" pull-down for each channel in my much smaller listing of desired channels, I "deleted" all the channels EyeTV was showing that were unchecked and showing "Nome" for Guide-provider. Last night's first-time successful update put all the unchecked channels back in my EyeTV Channels window even though the Program Guide in EyeTV still only showed program information for the channel inventory I wanted and indeed the end of that update of Guide listings had moved ahead to 2 weeks and two days into the future beyond where it was set originally before I had the auto-update in the right order of things. No big deal, I guess...just was surprised to see all of those unwanted channels back in my list.
  12. 'jpNist27'...I don't watch much EyeTV programming in real time either, but I take the extra step of actually editing out the commercials before watching playback so I get roughly 42 minutes of an hour's program content without touching a remote to FF past the commercials. I also agree with Earl, that infrequent failure to record with EyeTV has mostly been user error.
  13. jpMist27...I gleaned what I posted from the web...there is a lengthy description of the company on Wikipedia which also cautions that it may contain "inaccuracies" and incomplete information...here's the *link* <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TiVo_Corporation> Thanks all for the descriptions of how to handle multiple EyeTV Archives!
  14. Earl...with PBS affiliates the local station often broadcasts multiple program signals...a welcome feature of digital broadcasting. In my market (Tampa, Florida) the local PBS affiliate has five additional broadcast channels. "...WEDU’s other broadcast channels (WEDUQ, Create TV, The Florida Channel (local government programming), PBS Kids, and PBS World) in providing a robust collection of quality programming throughout 16 counties in West Central Florida." In my 'xmltv' "pull-down" list of possible stations to associate with a given channel number, unless it shows you all of the PBS "sub-channels" in your market, you may have mis-associated two different PBS channels with the same (and often only associative choice).That could cause you to be getting two recordings of the same PBS channel program. Check your xmltv choices in the EPG pull-down for the two channels that recorded the same program. Note: A few of the "Indie"channels in some markets also broadcast one or two separate and distinct programming offerings along with their main signal.
  15. Yeah 'EYEMISS...', it does...and it makes me want to take my new and likely dangerously insufficient Unix skills and write other little helpful *scripts* to do things without so much as a ":wq".... 🙂