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  1. Mojave is the last system that will run EyeTV 3.
  2. I have used the other EPG provider Schedules Direct for years, and it still works great. There are many posts about how to use it, I put some consolidated instructions on other parts of this blog, too. Wisconsin Eric's may be easier, but I had already set Schedules Direct up for the previous outage and went back to it again after the current outage. It works on my older mac mini running Mojave and EyeTV 3. I haven't been able to get it working on my Mac Studio running EyeTV 4. Maybe the XMLTV setup would work on Ventura, I haven't tried that. Good Luck!
  3. Here is the list of compatible products for EyeTV 4: Compatible Peripherals EyeTV T2 Hybrid EyeTV T2 Lite EyeTV Diversity EyeTV Go EyeTV Hybrid EyeTV Micro (Europe) EyeTV Netstream 4C EyeTV Netstream 4Sat EyeTV 200 EyeTV 250 EyeTV 250 Plus EyeTV 300/310 EyeTV 400/410 EyeTV 500 EyeTV 610 EyeTV A682 EyeTV DTT EyeTV DTT Deluxe EyeTV HD EyeTV Netstream EyeTV Netstream 2A EyeTV Netstream 2T EyeTV Netstream 4A EyeTV Netstream 4T EyeTV One EyeTV Sat EyeTV Sat Free EyeTV T232 EyeTV U6 EyeTV U6 Lite EyeTV für DVB-T HD Video Capture HDHomeRun Siano Nova Siano Rio Tivizen TomaFX2 DVB-S2 Sat>IP Server
  4. If anyone in the US wants to try to contact Geniatech they have an office: America Geniatech USA LLC 3091 East 98TH ST, Suite 260, Carmel, IN 46280 Tel: +1-317-975-1312
  5. There is a misconception that Geniatech is some small company that only makes Eyetv hardware and software. Eyetv is a small and obviously ignored part of a large company that, according to their site: Geniatech is a a global ODM/OEM manufacturer for digital TV and smart IoT devices, we focuses on providing one-stop solution of multimedia and wireless technologies with hardware and software designs based on all operating systems. Our products include OTT/IPTV Android TV box, industrial mini PC, commercial tablet, E-Ink display, IoT gateway and sensor box, ARM development board, video capture card, tv tuner, content management system, device management system and hotel TV systems. https://www.geniatech.com
  6. I had that happen to me recently. Reply to the email with the invoice, they took care of me right away and sent the code. Never needed to fill out a ticket for support.
  7. EyeTV4 works fine for me on my Studio Max. I did not do a clean install, so all the old files are around, too. I'm using the latest EyeTV the "8527" that says it's 8526 when loaded. I use a EyeTV HD, but my EyeTV U6 works on it also. Even exports and edits properly.
  8. I am using an EyeTV U6 on one computer and EyeTV HD on the other computer. The EyeTV HD is on the Monterrey computer. I am in the US so NTSC television.
  9. I'm using the EyeTV 4 version 8527 (which will say it's 8526 but if you show properties it is slightly newer than the 8526 I previously had) on a Mac Studio running 12.3.1. It records fine, will export, and it seems you can edit too. I also kept my previous mac mini with Mohave and run EyeTV 3 on that using screen share.
  10. This is the update to fix the EPG issue. It's fine. Use it.
  11. There is no updated guide. The guide is the same as it has been for the last 2 years. No "program descriptions" other than title and stars. The only update is to the eyetv 4 software so it actually finds the server to download the same program guide.
  12. I am also using Eyetv4 to update schedule and then run Eyetv3. You do seem to have to turn off auto updates on Eyetv3 or it will wipe out the schedule but not replace it. Angela sent me a beta to test of an update to Eyetv3 that was supposed to download the schedule, but it did not work.
  13. New update to EyeTV 4, 8524, restores use of EyeTV HD tuner, and gives the export function.
  14. I was one of the original people that used SchedulesDirect and helped with the guide, but since it quit I have used the Geniatech TV Guide, now that it is back. It works fine. You will have to update to the latest EyeTV 3 to use it. A lot easier than the setups we devised when TV Guide was not working. You can get it from the guide preferences in EyeTV 3, and by the way, it works in EyeTV 4, too.
  15. This is great news! Will it run all the devices that the current 32 bit software runs?