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  1. This is the update to fix the EPG issue. It's fine. Use it.
  2. There is no updated guide. The guide is the same as it has been for the last 2 years. No "program descriptions" other than title and stars. The only update is to the eyetv 4 software so it actually finds the server to download the same program guide.
  3. I am also using Eyetv4 to update schedule and then run Eyetv3. You do seem to have to turn off auto updates on Eyetv3 or it will wipe out the schedule but not replace it. Angela sent me a beta to test of an update to Eyetv3 that was supposed to download the schedule, but it did not work.
  4. New update to EyeTV 4, 8524, restores use of EyeTV HD tuner, and gives the export function.
  5. I was one of the original people that used SchedulesDirect and helped with the guide, but since it quit I have used the Geniatech TV Guide, now that it is back. It works fine. You will have to update to the latest EyeTV 3 to use it. A lot easier than the setups we devised when TV Guide was not working. You can get it from the guide preferences in EyeTV 3, and by the way, it works in EyeTV 4, too.
  6. This is great news! Will it run all the devices that the current 32 bit software runs?
  7. It also appears that you can buy a renewal for EyeTV EPG Premium-USA in the store. Anyone try it yet? https://www.geniatech.eu/product/tv-guide/
  8. https://mega.nz/#!yqYliazS!fSoLZGzaE3HZHdP9azpYauSQDV8vqU660zOkifDtDPw
  9. I use a couple EyeTV HD's and I have had that problem for years. Mine will sometimes only complete the first 2 of three numbers in the channel number. I have tried changing the timing of the of the numbers in setup, tried resetting up, tried all manner of things with the ir blasters, even bought other EyeTV HD's from eBay. It still fails sometimes, randomly. One thing I do is set the channel in advance for recording, then if it fails it is on the correct channel. Only thing that helps is to reboot the HD box, but that is of course, temporary. I run EyeTV 3.6.9 (7420).
  10. Congratulations Holden! It was fun reading your play-by-play. It’s a good feeling when it works isn’t it?
  11. Sorry, don't have a setup like that to use to try it. Makes sense to me that they just hid the preference, though, and maybe it can be found. There was an email someone posted from 'Angela implying they were looking into the HDHomerun situation, and whether to offer refunds or perhaps do an update just for HDHomerun users: "Thank you for contacting us.For now, the restoration work is at the testing stage. We will take some actions to support Hdhomerun users or compensate in other ways and will let you know that when it is finished testing. Kind regards,Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team"
  12. Others have said it will not work with HDHomerun. Sorry.
  13. The new mini is great. Very fast, even though it is just the I3 chip. The RAM is actually upgradable on the new mini, so I just went with 8 and will upgrade someday. It is quite an ordeal to update the memory on the new mini, a total dis-assembly is required. But I have done it before on my previous minis with good results. The hard drive is no longer upgradable, so I went with a 1 TB drive. Apple way overcharges for storage, but it is now or never with the storage capacity on the new mini.
  14. My setup works perfectly on my new Mac Mini 2018 with Mojave as well as a Mac Mini 2014 running High Sierra and a 2011 running High Sierra. I transferred all my files for all apps and documents the 2014 to the 2018, didn't install eyetv from scratch.
  15. You could try exporting the channel list from your first, working mac mini and then import the channel list to the second "bricked" mini. Go to "Channels" on the left column in the eyetv software on the working first mini, then the "service" dropdown on the right bottom, scroll down to the "edit" selection near the bottom. Then you can select your working channels selection (if you never saved the working set, you should do that first.) Select "export," and export the channel set. Get it over to your other mac mini, and repeat the process in that Eyetv software, "importing" the channel set. You shouldn't need to restore the entire computer, just import the channel set. This set should work no matter if you use xmltv or schedules direct in the future for this machine.
  16. Geniatech has an online store which appears to offer "legato type dvr boxes,"https://shop.geniatech.us/product-category/eyetv/tv-tuner/ including an EYTV U6. https://shop.geniatech.us/product/eyetv-u6/
  17. Users of HD Home Run in North America, if they wish to leave EyeTV, can use "Channels" or "Plex." TV-Mosaic and TVHeadend do not work in North America.
  18. Yes, I am having no glitches, also, running schedulesdirect.org. I only show 14 days out, but I think the schedule actually goes farther. Did you do anything to get it to show 17 days? TV Guide was always 14 days on my eyetv, and it still just shows 14 days with schedulesdirect.org.
  19. I suspect Ton is not in North America, neither of those solutions would work for us. There are products like Channels and Plex for Homerun, Tablo is a solution for us, Amazon has a system now that will record OTA and send it to your tv's. Amazon's solution includes free lifetime program guide. Tivo will work. None of them work like EYETV, though, through the Mac. And you will have to start over and replace all your hardware with new hardware for at least 100 dollars or more, and (except for Amazon) pay even more per year for a program guide. It is interesting that more companies are entering this space, providing OTA and even cable card DVR capabilities and whole house solutions, while Eyetv languishes and has just about withdrawn from the North American Market. The replacement program guide systems that the forum has detailed will keep your Eyetv hardware working indefinitely. It would be nice if Geniatech actually "restores" the program guide function, but those who spend their time asking for a refund of a few dollars instead of just fixing it themselves may be waiting indefinitely.
  20. Sorry for misinterpreting you when you said, "At any rate... I am OUT OF HERE for good. They've pulled the cork, so I'm getting out before the ship completely goes down. Off to find another hardware/software service. CIAO" Welcome back!
  21. The record all button works for Schedules Direct if you use the JSON "J" data service, because it provides series information. I use it regularly.
  22. I have it running on my old Mac mini running snow leopard so I would say it is not true.
  23. To answer your specific question, on the signup page for Schedulesdirect, choose "Non-distributed" and personal research way at the bottom. Non-distributed: Personal research Personal research (XMLTV)