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  1. The letter explicitly said that if your EPG is working with the old version, there is no reason to upgrade. Not being 64-bit will put me into a real bind when Catalina ships because I will need it for other work (iOS app development).
  2. Please, everyone adding to this thread: As part of your message or signature, indicate what country you are in. Program guides are generally country, or region, specific, and success in one country (especially with the new beta versions of the EyeTV app) does not guarantee success in others. Danny (USA)
  3. I believe one of the difficulties in writing up one definitive set of instructions for a TVGuide replacement is that different users have different sources: over-the-air, cable, satellite, multiple sources, and different country systems. I'm using the schedulesdirect.org EPG data and Automator/Calendar automation for my USA Comcast cable system, a combination that has been cranking along just fine for the past few weeks now (I've subscribed to the service). Because schedulesdirect doesn't include a New flag, I had to modify some of my Smart Guides to set New and Repeat to false (to catch only new instances of shows).
  4. From my experience, Smart Guides require that EPG data be in the Program Guide area of eyeTV. Smart Guides look for matches within the Program Guide to create Schedules, which eyeTV then uses to do the actual recording.
  5. I don't know if you'll see this response, but check at the bottom of the page for navigation to subsequent pages, which contain lots of instructions for a variety of program guide systems to integrate into eyeTV.
  6. Well, you know, they have all of our email addresses. An acknowledgement of the problem and progress notification would have been nice before we all hammered the heck out of the company. A little communication goes a long way. Grumble, grumble...
  7. I wonder if they're cooking up their own system (based on somebody's EPG). Buy why bother keeping current licensees informed? Vaporware is better than nowhere.
  8. The most I could get TitanTV to do was to set schedules for recordings only from their web-based program guide (described in some of my tutorials earlier in this discussion). I haven't seen anything about using TitanTV to fill eyeTV's program guide. That is why many of us jumped through various nerd hoops to use Schedules Direct (which seems to be working well for me).
  9. The iOS app reads the data from the Mac's EyeTV app in real time over WiFi, so no wired connection is needed. My iPhone OS is up to the current 12.1.4, but I don't know if that would have any effect on this issue. All my other versions are the same as yours.My only other suggestion would be to quit/relaunch EyeTV on the Mac and force-quit and restart the app on your iPhone. Wish I had the magic pill for your issue, which is now in my queue for overnight sleep processing.
  10. Further update: I do see the No Data for channels listed in the iPhone, but only for channels that I have excluded from being imported into eyeTV. In other words, it seems that the iPhone app picks up all channels in the Mac's Channels listing, including those that don't appear in the Guide because of your filtering.
  11. Well, this will frustrate you, but using WiFi I'm seeing the current program listings in the iPhone app under Guide; and the Live TV list shows the current (and next) programs for each channel in the list. I can play Live TV on my iPhone. I didn't do anything with the iPhone app to make this happen. In the Mac's EyeTV software Preferences/iPhone panel, I still have both checkboxes checked.
  12. If you have been playing around with the mc2xml scripts with different attributes (e.g., you start out the the fairly standard -T attribute but want to switch to the -J JSON version to get season/episode data and two weeks of programs), be sure you delete the mc2xml.dat and xmltv.xml files in the scripts folder before running the new version. I had problems making the transition initially, but deleting those files did the trick. I then checked mc2xml.dat's contents and found that it stored the name of the numeric lineup I had selected when running the -J script manually the first time (so that it doesn't have to prompt you again for the lineup number, allowing you to automate running the script thereafter). I'm thrilled to say (hope I'm not boasting) that with the -J format, slimmed down processing with mc2xml.chl I detailed earlier, and Automator/Calendar for automated daily updating, my ancient eyeTV HD box, current software, and Schedules Direct listings have me back to nearly full speed (the listings details aren't always as complete as TVGuide). It has been quite a journey in this forum, starting out with TitanTV and ending up with JSON from Schedules Direct. After letting it run a few days, I'll sign up for the subscription. The question looms: How long before the eyeTV software breaks with a MacOS X update? Another bridge to cross in the future.
  13. I got Calendar to do the job. Hardly intuitive (and not much like the instructions I found around the Web for iCal), but got it going fine. If someone needs help, post here, and I'll tutor it.
  14. I want to emphasize the value of using an inclusion/exclusion list as described in the "General Information" section of http://mc2xml.awardspace.info/. My Comcast cable system's listing delivers 857 channels in total. After processing, this creates a 260 MB xmltv.xml file that eyeTV has to absorb when it reopens under script control. It takes many (agonizing) minutes for that to complete. But I reduced the range of channels in the data file to the few dozen or so that I record by creating an mc2xml.chl text file (for those with eyesight issues, the file extension is Charles Hotel Lima) for the scripts directory (where all the other files reside). If you list channels to be included, all others are excluded. (As far as I can tell, all the channels are downloaded from the server, but only those passing the filter are added to the local xml data file). Therefore, my mc2xml.chl file begins as follows (first line is a comment): # include only my channels 2-10 12-13 15-17 22 24 33-51 My xml data file is now down from 260 MB to less than 10 MB, and the eyeTV reopening and reconstitution of the program guide takes about 15 seconds.
  15. Thanks for saving me the work to compose this tutorial. It is so good to have the EPG back integrated into eyeTV. Some added notes for fellow travelers: * If your lineup has lots of channels (the one I use has 857), BE PATIENT not only with the downloading of the raw data, but also the restarting of eyeTV. It can take one minute for the initial data download, and a few minutes for eyeTV to absorb the data, even if you're not using all the channels (during which time, the eyeTV windows were not visible, even though the app was still running in the Finder). Have a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom, whatever, but do not force quit the app. Let it do its thing. * I changed the EPG column in the Channels pane to "xmltv" only for the channels I watch/record. This greatly reduces clutter in the Programs listing to all beef. * In my lineup, there are no "New" flags, but there are "Repeat" flags. I had to change some of my Smart Schedules so that the New field is "false" * For automation, I'm trying a scheduler called Cronnix (https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/7486/cronnix). I'm setting it to run every day at 5:00am (my Mac Mini runs 24/7/365). Tomorrow morning will be its first test.