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  1. I don't know about Catalina, but on most Macs you need to type an admin password in order to install an app in the Applications folder. It should ask for the password. The admin (or root) password is something you set when you start up a new Mac for the first time. If for some reason you don't have an admin password, you can usually install an app in some folder under the Users area, and it should be possible to start it from there.
  2. As a software developer, I can attest that trying to upgrade legacy code is not easy. This is especially true if it is poorly documented and if it was written by someone else who is long gone and cannot be consulted. (I don't know whether this is true for the EyeTV source code.) Geniatech may have had the best of intentions, but converting to 64 bit and making it work with Catalina may have turned out to be a nightmarish task. I would cut them a bit of slack, for a while anyway. They have the incentive of being able to sell the software all over again.
  3. Instead of unchecking the channels you don't watch, another way of getting them to fail to populate is by setting them to receive their guide from a service you don't have---for example xmltv. Maybe ATSC would work too because that doesn't seem to update the guide until it is manually invoked or you tune to that station.
  4. One thing that would shorten the before/after padding is, of course, if there are recording overlaps that exceed the number of tuners available. For example, if there is only one tuner, and one recording immediately follows another recording, then neither program can be padded. I have also had a situation where my HdHomeRun tuners temporarily stopped working and needed to be power-cycled. In that case, the EyeTV software gave no warning but just behaved as if the single EyeTV tuner was the only tuner there.
  5. I do have this warning dialog box (see attached image) in my EyeTV (build 7416 on Snow Leopard). So EyeTV did have this feature in the past at least.
  6. What happens if you do defaults read com.elgato.EyeTv prepad in a terminal window?
  7. The old TV Guide's updates seemed to end at 4pm PST after the two weeks, which would be midnight GMT (or UTC). I presume that meant the update was done at midnight GMT.
  8. I don't use the plist approach to automate the daily update. Instead I set EyeTV itself to record a 1 minute segment each day. Then I use an EyeTV script that is triggered by the recording to do the update. If anyone is interested, I can give more detailed instructions on how tp do this.
  9. From your other commands, it seems like it needs to be in /Users/maris/Scripts/getepg If this is the problem, you can move the file by doing mv /Users/Scripts/getepg /Users/maris/Scripts Also, copy-and-pasting needs care because there may be invisible formatting characters in the document you are copying from. Or depending on the OS, the end-of-line character in text files may be different.
  10. From your other commands, it seems like it needs to be in /Users/maris/Scripts/getepg Also, copy-and-pasting needs care because there may be invisible formatting characters in the document you are copying from. Or depending on the OS, the end-of-line character in text files may be different.
  11. If people are looking for alternative solutions, the following may be of interest. I finally set up a ChannelMaster Stream+ (CM-7600) DVR that I got some time ago. It is actually an Android platform that comes with built-in apps but one can also add apps from the Google Play Store. The main built-in app is Google Live TV. This allows DVR-like recording and playback. Recording is done from a 14-day TV guide in a grid format like EyeTV. One can record either a specific show or a series. The TV guide is apparently free---no subscription cost. However, the meta-data seems to be relatively sparse in terms of the information it gives about a show. The unit has two builtin tuners, and one can attach an external USB hard drive for storage. From comments by users, it appears one can somehow add a Silicon Dust app that will recognize suitable HDHomerun tuners, but I haven't tried that. I don't think the added tuners are usable by the Live TV app. I tried to add the EyeTV Android app but it didn't seem to be accessible in the Google Play store. There may be some complicated way of "sideloading" an unsupported app, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
  12. Did you go to the drop-down menu for each individual channel and select the new guide? Does the drop-down on each channel show "TV Guide" or something new? Is "xmltv" still in the list also?
  13. Unchecking one of the frequencies didn't get rid of future scheduled programs. In my case, it was a "record all" situation. I used some combination of "record all" and "remove all" clicks to get it so that only one copy of the "record" led was lit in the Guide window. Then I unchecked the channel to avoid future confusion. After all that, I only got one copy of recordings even though the doubled channel was still present in the Channel list (but unchecked). I think it is also possible to directly disable future recordings in the Schedule window, but I'm not sure if that will unschedule more than one would wish.
  14. I have experienced this when the same channel (same broadcast station) is broadcasting on two different frequencies (but with the same logical channel). In the channel listing, the channel shows up twice, and in the channel guide it may show up twice (unless it is unchecked in the channel listing). Usually the reception is better on one frequency than the other. (One might be VHF and the other UHF.) This is probably not your situation, but just thought I would mention it...