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  1. Yes,, I had TV Guide all along , until I started having problems getting updates about 1 ½ years ago,, even though I had paid, there was a period where the glitch wouldn't let me update. I opted, in the meantime to XML TV Listings on a rolling 3 month basis,, eventually,, not sure how many months ago, one of the later updates restored ability to continue to get updates on TV Guide EPG,, so I used up my last months of my subscription, and recently March 1st renewed. Yes I am in North America. ie Canada.
  2. All ok now,, they sent me an email apologizing,, and the cure was simply to go to Preferences, go to Eyetv Plus Renewal,, and copy/paste in your Subscription Key. That seemed to update the "Active until date to the proper date" hope that helps. I can find the email that was sent to me,, it was just a simple reply, like a 4 line reply I think.. If I find the email reply from them,, I will copy and paste the solution that was sent to me. Cheers PS Really don't have to worry,, just buy renewal,, and if you click their link that they send,, doesn't update that Good until,, then follow instructions about Preferences,, that I just mentioned,, and you are good to go.
  3. Hi,, can Geniatech please help me. I just purchased my update for another year, because my subscription was running out on March 1, 2022,, about a week from now. Geniatech provided a link,, and if I remember, last time by clicking on the link, the Subscription updated and it went for another year. This time, nothing is happening, except the link is opening the App,, but no date is updated. Any help please. I received all confirmations, plus activation #'s etc.
  4. Ok,, so here is the version photo showing 8526.. Thanks,, this is what was supposed to be attached to my original post. Thanks
  5. EyeTV 4.0.0 (8527) or is it? Seems like I'm starting a new thread on this new version. I had version 8524 because 8526 had problems for me for my Eyetv HD. No sound using remote on iOS, loss of getting a network connection to get my TV guide updated were the problems for me,, so I had to go back to 8524. Seems like the new version 8527 has resolved my problems,, only one thing.. I'm not sure whether what I really have is 8527 version, because when I go to "About" on the menu,, it doesn't say 8527 it says 8526.. Don't know if I am going crazy or not,, but that's what it reads. Can anyone confirm that indeed this 8527 download version is really new, seeing as it is reading in the About,, 8526? Any idea what date it was released? Is this Geniatech version number named wrongly? Thanks for anything you can help me with. I guess ,, more importantly, for me, is that it fixed my previous problems,, so I'm not complaining that it doesn't work now. 8196577 January 2022.pdf
  6. thank you to the Newbie, Roland,,, exactly what you say ,,,,the audio is a really big deal,, and I think the improvements,, at least for me were unnoticeable,, cross my fingers on that one. Just wondering if the 8526 version improvements were noticeable to most. Anyways, back to 8524,, and everything back to normal. It won't be long before my subscription is up again. Even keeping it the same for me it just fine. Status quo. BTW,,, hadn't used the App for a while on my iOS devices,, and only discovered lack of audio today
  7. Same here. Lost my Tuner,, and had to go back to 8521. Too bad,, could have been a nice little improvement with small fixes. I gave up expecting anything much.
  8. Interesting,,, do you have an updated version of Eyeconnect.? or still using older version? I just posted,, asking whether they had also updated Eyeconnect, because that is what makes remote to iOS work.. Unless I am wrong.. Sorry,,that I am not actually answering your question,, but somewhere along the line, I might be able to
  9. All ok now,, Guide is now populating data in EyeTV iOS app
  10. All OK, now re my previous post on seeing Guide on iOS app on iPhone,,,I unchecked those preferences, quit app, restarted iMac, rechecked the boxes,, checked iOS app,, and now data is populated.
  11. All OK, now re my previous post on seeing Guide on iOS app on iPhone,,,I unchecked those preferences, quit app, restarted iMac, rechecked the boxes,, checked iOS app,, and now data is populated.
  12. All OK, now re my previous post on seeing Guide on iOS app on iPhone,,,I unchecked those preferences, quit app, restarted iMac, rechecked the boxes,, checked iOS app,, and now data is populated.
  13. can anyone direct me to get information on how to get the Guide to appear in the EyeTV iPhone App? I finally got my TV Guide back working in the last few days on my iMac, received an extension from Angela. Now I am hoping that I can see that TV guide appear in iOS for iPad or iPhone,, but can't see the guide populating there. Any tricks on how to get that working also? Both EyeTV for iPhone/ipad and Use My EyeTV are checked off in the preferences,, and a green light indicating My EyeTV is working properly
  14. Maybe the wrong place to post,, but can anyone direct me to get information for Guide to appear in the EyeTV iPhone App? Other than that info, my guide info appears to be back to normal thanks to Angela, on my iMac. EyeTV 3 guide. Has anyone looked at Guide info on their iPad or iPhone? Would love to get that going also. Or should uninstall my existing EyeTV mobile app, and reinstall
  15. So, basically , we are all doomed on the next go around with a new OS,, where our 32 bit EyeTv will not work with our hardware? (have been getting the "Not Optimized" popup for a long time now, since Mojave debut. All this work to fix the missing of TV guide is interim,, especially if they do not go ahead with a 64bit EyeTV program. I hope someone can give me some hope. I love the simplicity of EyeTv hardware and software.