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  1. I agree they don't have good customer service! Understatement. However their product works best for me. Waited previously 6 months for a resolution. They need to be informing us what is going on. EyeTV Guide is still for sale on site. I am very tired of looking at the cable listings and programming EyeTV like a VCR
  2. It has been since August and still no response from Geniatech. Please tell us something! Last major outage lasted for 6 months.
  3. Any information about when we will get the TV Guide back? Geniatech has been silent. Missing the service since August.
  4. Sorry but in 2019 the guide went down in February and wasn’t restored until July
  5. Messaged Geniatech through their Facebook page and they responded in German. What did they say? "Hallo, danke fur deine Kontaktaufnahme. Wir haben deine Nachricht erhalten and freuen uns, dass du uns kontaktiert hast."
  6. Not working for me either. Thought it was my cable company’s fault since they were changing from Suddenlink to Optimum. Now I know the source of the problem. Hope Genitech solves this soon!
  7. Help! I received the update. It changed over to TV Guide. Still didn't give the program info What do I need to do?
  8. I hope the answer to the problem comes soon. My main computer for EyeTV will not upgrade beyond High Sierra.
  9. I have a MacBook Pro M1 with EyeTV 4 on it. I do not like the new program however the program guide works. My preferred Mac for EyeTV is my old iMac 27 inch running High Sierra and EyeTV3. I like EyeTV3 so much better and the MacBook isn't always set up since it is portable. Can I download EyeTV4 to the iMac? Will it cause problems?
  10. Not for EyeTV 3. Unfortunately some computers cannot use EyeTV 4.
  11. Having the same issue as everyone else. The Program Guide quit working and it will not update the channels. I hope this isn't the same problem we had a couple of years ago. It took months to obtain a fix.
  12. Has anyone else had the beta disappear? I was testing and I still have a program guide but EPG Premium went away and I am back to TV Guide. Also build (7524) was (7527).