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  1. From my personal use of EyeTV products over the last 10 years and posts on this forum it would appear that there is insufficient resources to maintain what is a fairly complicated product (EyeTV) which is heavily interdependent on hardware which is itself dependant on changes in broadcast standards changes that Geniatech has no control over. It is likely that Elgato Systems was aware of this and was struggling to match income stream with the necessary expenditure, which is why they sold it. It is now a choice for Geniatech between spending more money or losing customers. To some extent this process of losing customers can be tolerated as long as those that remain are spending. Annual paid updates to EyeTV are now probably necessary with free bug correction updates in between. But in reality, how can paid updates be justified without perceived improvements? It is difficult when you heavily dependant on the outside world of TV and satellite broadcasting. Only when they make improvements or changes is it easy to charge for a new version, Clearly supporting IOS and OS X is an extra burden. Apple Silicon will alleviate that to some extent, although the process will take some years before the bulk of MAC customers are actually using Apple Silicon. From my perspective, the future for EyeTV does not look particularly promising.
  2. Here is the response from tech support team re the narration problem. Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting us. We have reported this issue to our Software Department. We will inform you when it is fixed. Kind regards, Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  3. An additional question to my above post - does anyone know if the the latest version of Netstream 4Sat has the same problem of AAC Narration - I realise it should be no different to the older unit (5 years old) I have now, which worked fine on EyeTV 3, but you never know, I have no objection to replacing it if the problem is solved.
  4. Is there a fix or any information about AAC Narration on by default? It appears from my recent installation quite a lot of streams only have AAC Narration and no other options. This will make at least half the channels I used to have with eyeTV 3 unusable.
  5. Gracenote - Update Failed (could not connect to server) getting this message for a few days on two computers - Clear EPG does not help.