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  1. We need a new company that is better than Geniatech. Is there anything out there that has better customer support and better software? When Geniatech loses customers and money they might do better or go out of business. Eyetv used to be great now it sucks. I won't recommend this platform until they change.
  2. Eyetv macOS 64-bit does not work. Does not work on Ventura or Sonoma. The last time things worked properly was on High Sierra eyetv3. When I upgraded one of my computers to Ventura and then Sonoma, NOTHING WORKS. Keeps crashing. I have 8 eyetv hybrids, all working on older, better MasOS systems, so I don't like upgrading from Apple. Trying to contact eyetv and geniatech is almost impossible. When you go to the tech page, it asks for a validation token. What. They should want to hear from their long-time customers without putting them through all of this process. But I guess it just means that they really don't care. When I try to open my Eyetv macOS 64-bit using using the eyetv hybrid, it opens and then crashes constantly. Sometimes it opens scans and then crashes. Not working, no tech support, no phone, no help. Horrible, horrible horrible management from Geniatech. elgato was better.