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    Dolby digital

    yes, but when switching on eyetv3 to "audio" > "dolby digital" during live-tv there is only noise, no dolby digital playback. maybe i functions with recordings, but with livetv, not on my eyetv3 (3.6.9 (7520)
  2. Sadly I am having the same issue with Netstream DTT and the Android app. The device is recognized, but gives no options to scan for channels and neither are there any displayed, although the channel list is properly registered on the device as seen in the Browser URL of the Netstream DTT. Previously the Netstream DTT functioned beautifully also in the Android Netstream APP so I wonder what prompted this change in behaviour.
  3. Is anybody else having problems with Netstream DTT on the android app? The device is being recognized there but there are no channel found and neither is there an option to scan for them. No such problem on the same app with the Netstream 4sat.
  4. seit wann braucht es für eyetv 3 ein abo? auch ein macmini 2010 kann auf mojave/catalina updaten, halt nur über umwegen.
  5. for installation on windows and media center you need this software here EyeTV Netstream for Windows Media Center; Download and install it, and your Windows Media Center should detect the Nestream DTT or Netstream Sat (does not function unfortunately with the newer Netstream 4Sat or 4C).
  6. one solution would be to install on Linux a Windows 7, 8 or 10 in Virtalbox for testing purposes (by downloading an ISO and installing it then inside Virtualbox), and from there you can 1. install Itunes (needed for Bonjour services) 2. install Bonjour Browser for Windows (from Hobbyist Software) start Bonjour Browser > click on the Netstream Sat Service, and you will your IP Adress of the Netstream (like now insert this IP-adress into your Browser, and you get to the EyeTV Netstream Webinterface. From there, you can easily download the m3u-file which then you can use on Linux 3. to watch channels listed in your m3u on VLC or similar videoplayer.
  7. it seems there are some new devices available, but have not tested them myself - would be nice if there could be a more responsive software included for windows aswell. https://shop.geniatech.us/product-category/eyetv/tv-tuner/
  8. Hello , i have noticed that when using EyeTV 3 whenever i would export EyeTv3 Recordings that have more than one language included, the resulting video would include just one audio-stream. How is it possible to include both or more audio-streams in the export in EyeTV3? I tried with Handbrake.app and with this software it would function, but it like to use EyeTV3 app if possible. Thank you very much.
  9. Hello, i have updated my MacMini and went from a machine running OS X 10.6.8 to one running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and accordingly i have also installed a new EyeTV 3 Version on the newer Mac (EyeTV 3 (3.6.9, 7528)) i noticed that when scheduling programs to record it misses quite a few of them - that did not happen before so frequently. The attached Elgato Hardware is one Netstream DTT and one Netstream 4Sat. Please help to find a solution, Thanks.
  10. EyeTV 4 Windows Version 2.3 is also functioning and i am using it now on Windows 7.
  11. Thanks, this has been solved by now. TerraTec Home Cinema found the channels (after several crashes) and also EyeTv 4 Windows i got running on Windows 7 (has to use earlier version 1-14 though)
  12. Sorry, there has been a bit confusion. The problem has been solved by now. I could figure out how to use the Netstream4Sat with THC (TerraTecHomeCinema) (not TvTotal) and also finally the EyeTV4 found channels (i had to additionally mark the Device in the Settings to get it to find channels during search). To get the EyeTV4 for Windows working with my system i had to download an older version (1.14) as the newer version (4.2) would complain of DirectX error , that i should ensure that the graphics card is compatible with DirectX9 or similar.
  13. Hello , I just used the existing EyeTV 3 Software and went into "EyeTV Setup Assistant" and selected NetStream 4Sat there and it would then load the device after i chose to activate it by clicking the appropriate box. No need for a Smartphone. However, on Windows, THC would recognize the Device, but find no channels. So i am beginning to wonder if i still need the smartphone to enable the Netstream 4sat properly for Playback on Windows ...
  14. Hello , i use this Product with EyeTV 4 for Windows - but the EyeTV suggests always in use - no connection is possible. Is this combination feasible? Also the Terratec Home Cinema finds no channel although the device itself is recognized. On Osx 10.9 the device is recognized and works with no problems. Thanks
  15. Hello , i just received an Netstream 4sat today and am trying to integrate it into my Windows Pc's. It is a bit frustrating as it seems that EyeTV4 for Windows would not connect to it () and on TvTotal, although the device is recognized, it would not find any channels. I tried different options (as suggested by TvTotal), but it still would fail to find any channels. The device itself is functioning as on MacOS 10.9+ it has no problems finding channels.