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  1. EyeTV 4 Windows Version 2.3 is also functioning and i am using it now on Windows 7.
  2. Thanks, this has been solved by now. TerraTec Home Cinema found the channels (after several crashes) and also EyeTv 4 Windows i got running on Windows 7 (has to use earlier version 1-14 though)
  3. Sorry, there has been a bit confusion. The problem has been solved by now. I could figure out how to use the Netstream4Sat with THC (TerraTecHomeCinema) (not TvTotal) and also finally the EyeTV4 found channels (i had to additionally mark the Device in the Settings to get it to find channels during search). To get the EyeTV4 for Windows working with my system i had to download an older version (1.14) as the newer version (4.2) would complain of DirectX error , that i should ensure that the graphics card is compatible with DirectX9 or similar.
  4. Hello , I just used the existing EyeTV 3 Software and went into "EyeTV Setup Assistant" and selected NetStream 4Sat there and it would then load the device after i chose to activate it by clicking the appropriate box. No need for a Smartphone. However, on Windows, THC would recognize the Device, but find no channels. So i am beginning to wonder if i still need the smartphone to enable the Netstream 4sat properly for Playback on Windows ...
  5. Hello , i use this Product with EyeTV 4 for Windows - but the EyeTV suggests always in use - no connection is possible. Is this combination feasible? Also the Terratec Home Cinema finds no channel although the device itself is recognized. On Osx 10.9 the device is recognized and works with no problems. Thanks
  6. Hello , i just received an Netstream 4sat today and am trying to integrate it into my Windows Pc's. It is a bit frustrating as it seems that EyeTV4 for Windows would not connect to it () and on TvTotal, although the device is recognized, it would not find any channels. I tried different options (as suggested by TvTotal), but it still would fail to find any channels. The device itself is functioning as on MacOS 10.9+ it has no problems finding channels.
  7. Would someone from North America here please care to share the EyeTV Version 3.3.1 for download? I would like to test it on my PowerPC Mac. Thanks
  8. Please add also the Netstream DTT for EyeTV 4 for Windows would be my request!
  9. Hello, have you already tried the official Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter by Apple? I too have the EyeTV 300/310 .. its a great device, and gives also DVB HD. Sadly the Firewire has nolonger been developed. I use it on a MacMini with a Mac Mini MiniStackMax.