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  1. Hi Cluttered / Roland, Have read this post and your exchanges a couple of times with much interest - lots of nodding going on here as I read familiar points you're both making! EyeTV4 is very frustrating software. If it wasn't for the fact that Geniatech charged us so much to "upgrade" to the 64 bit version (over $40 in Australia), I probably would've abandoned it ages ago. As it is, my son is trying other means to get me to move on. Basically, the hardware (I use a diversity tuner) is fine and works with other software (eg Plex) but the result is something that takes much getting used to. I too would be happy with a 64 bit version of EyeTV 3 - it wasn't perfect but it worked. Quick question - I'm using Diversity on an intel Mac mini with OS 12.1. EyeTV version is 4 (8526). Is it worth updating to 8527? I'm hesitant after reading all you folks have been saying. Many thanks for all you're writing on here!
  2. Lots of things either not working or not working well with Big Sur (stuttering video on HD content, come on!...) The bugs on Big Sur all still around with Monterey but worse still this crashes when I close an active window. I actually want to use this on a second Mac but, after paying for and installing a licence, I won't buy a second. Sorry, but this version is an insult at this price. Geniatech, please, please upgrade this? Such a shame
  3. I have variations of the same thing. Where are the regular bug fix updates? I could write a list of all my bugs using this software
  4. Hey - I thought I was dreaming. Just spent half an hour trying to turn on my second tuner and couldn't see the functionality in preferences. What happened to my second tuner?? This is very buggy software - I could write a list of issues. Updates please?