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  1. Maybe you'll get an answer in this tread - in the thread "64 Bit support" - we did not get an answer. I guess geniatech bought a yacht an they are sailing away. In the harbor they read in this forum and laugh. To cut a long story short. Find a another product that fits your demand and forget EyeTV. I'm only here to find tipps about alternative products.
  2. ThoSchl

    64 Bit support

    Meanwhile TV on Mac and PC ist a niche. There is no doubt about it. The thing I don't understand they still sell Hardware with a (formerly) great piece of software. And we all now the the software won't work anymore from Q4/2019 on. What was their intention when they bought EyeTV from Elgato? Why is there no official member of Geniatech to do public relations. This forum produces so much displeasure. Why not telling people either: a) Hey guys, go away the Mac story ends up here! b) Look there is a screenshot of EyeTV 4 for Mac - but still takes some time to finish. AND you will have to pay some money for it. Is it that hard to talk to the people that pay your salary?
  3. Nice to know that there is a Windows-Software called EyeTV 4. But it would be very important just to make a 64-Bit version of EyeTV otherwise Geniatech will lose a significant Number of users as soon as macOS 10.14 will be available.
  4. Same here! Using EyeTV since 2005 and I was always happy with EyeTV when it was from Elgato. Geniatech seems not to be able to develop the product line. The least I would expect is a 64-Bit Version of EyeTV. But we will see...
  5. Hello, I'd like to know if there is a possibility to read signal quality by command line. I have the problem that my SAT-antenna seams to overheat. I use EyeTV 3 with a sat receiver attached by USB. So, I'd like to record signal quality every 5 minutes and see at which outside temperature it stops working. Any ideas? Thanks in advance ThoSchl