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  1. Nice to know that there is a Windows-Software called EyeTV 4. But it would be very important just to make a 64-Bit version of EyeTV otherwise Geniatech will lose a significant Number of users as soon as macOS 10.14 will be available.
  2. Same here! Using EyeTV since 2005 and I was always happy with EyeTV when it was from Elgato. Geniatech seems not to be able to develop the product line. The least I would expect is a 64-Bit Version of EyeTV. But we will see...
  3. Hello, I'd like to know if there is a possibility to read signal quality by command line. I have the problem that my SAT-antenna seams to overheat. I use EyeTV 3 with a sat receiver attached by USB. So, I'd like to record signal quality every 5 minutes and see at which outside temperature it stops working. Any ideas? Thanks in advance ThoSchl