Eyetv 32-bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4

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Recently, when starting 32-bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac.

This message also affects eyetv if the operating system version macOS HighSierra 10.13.4 is installed on the computer. Irrespective of this information window, eyetv is in no way impaired in its operability and the usual quality. There are no negative effects on the computer and its data, eyetv runs without problems.

As future versions of macOS are expected to limit the execution of 32-bit applications as the next step, we would like to inform our customers about the ongoing development of a 64-bit version of eyetv.

With this 32 to 64 bit version step, eyetv as a smart TV platform will continue to meet eyetv's expectations, which are also consistently fulfilled under iOS, Android and Windows.

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Promises, promises, promises!

Just like the promise for an EyeTV app on the aTV which till this very day still does not exist. At least not a usable one that is able to play back recordings made on the Mac.


Stop making promises you are not going to fullfill!

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I'm beginning to think Giniatech is going to dump these systems when Catalina comes out.  I don't think they're doing anything to update to 64 bit.  They're just milking a dying cow.

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