Program Guide - No More Show Synopsis/Description??

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Using EyeTV4 (8518) paid for new license. Renewed EPG as well, "EyeTV Premium EPG NA" subscription updated (PAID) even though there were several non-usable months as the timer tolled the OLD TVGuide EPG.

As far as I can tell NO shows list a description of the episode, no movie lists a description, nothing is listed for any show. Just a link to IMDB which launches the IMDB search page. This is useless  and does not link back to the actual data that would be part of the listing.

Is this the new normal, we have no idea what the episode/description is for any show? Was there any notification from Geniatech they were no longer including this data?

How do I get show descriptions like I have had for the last 8 years?

3 screenshots:

1) Old TVGuide screenshot showing where the description is part of the guide data, edit info from old recording

2) New 1 showing --> go to IMDB --- guide with NO description.

3) New 2 showing --> go to IMDB --- guide with NO description.


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Yeah, I miss the descriptions in EyeTV 3 as well. Another argument for just sticking with TitanTV which does have the description as well as some other useful features.

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I have this issue too, and it *is* an issue. Very inconvenient.

-->Re TitanTV: Is there a way to get it to appear in the EPG window? I can monitor it in a browser, but having to check it separately, any time I see a film listed in EPG that I *might* want to watch, is kind of a pain. (Running EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) )

Maybe I'll ask Angela if this is the new normal... 

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I left out which version of EyeTV I'm running...

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