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  1. Does the updated guide include program descriptions? They've been missing ever since the EPG snafu a couple of years ago...
  2. Will the downloaded EPG data in the new version of EyeTV3 include program descriptions? Descriptions have been missing since Version 3.6.9 (7528)--very inconvenient. (I'm a US customer)
  3. I have this issue too, and it *is* an issue. Very inconvenient. -->Re TitanTV: Is there a way to get it to appear in the EPG window? I can monitor it in a browser, but having to check it separately, any time I see a film listed in EPG that I *might* want to watch, is kind of a pain. (Running EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528) ) Maybe I'll ask Angela if this is the new normal...
  4. Just downloaded & installed build 7528, eyeTV-HD--connected to a Comcast cable box--works fine. My TV-Guide subscription had expired right when its service stopped, so I purchased a subscription to the EyeTVEPGPremium-USA service, and activated it, again no problem. BUT: When I try to update the new EPG, I get a response: "Update failed due to server error." The "Diagnostics" button says my zip code, network connection, and EPG database are all OK, BUT tells me "I do not appear to receive any digital cable channels", analog channels, or any other kind of channels. ?? Do I need to do the whole eyeTV-setup again?
  5. Here's the email I received from Angela this morning. **************************************** Dear Sir/Madam , Sorry for any inconvenience caused by us. To solve TV Guide problem, we have upgraded eyetv software to version 7528. To enjoy the Premium EPG (North America), please download the software here. https://www.geniatech.eu/download/eyetv-3-6-9-7528/ If your EPG is working, please ignore this notification. Then click eyetv/Preferences/Guide/Service: select EyeTVEPGPremium and sign in your EPG account. Kind regards Angela Thanks & Best regards ============================================================= Angela Xu Geniatech Anhui LLC Tel: +86-551-6555 3836 Mobile Phone: +86-158 0551 9036 Email: angela.xu@geniatech.com Website: www.geniatech.com Skype: 158 0551 9036 Office: Room 906, Building F5, Innovation Industrial Park, NO.2800 Innovation Road, High Tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China Factoy: No. 25, Shinan Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China
  6. Were you required to have a paid-for (if non-functioning) TV-Guide subscription in order for the beta to install? --And/or, in order for the beta to start downloading schedules?