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  2. How do you scan for channels manually? I find dead ends everywhere. One place said to click on the gear at the TOP of the channels section. No gear there. Gear at the bottom had nothing to do with what the guide said I'd find. One talked of downloading a channel guide. But when I tried, I got an error message saying I had no internet connection. Researched that message and absolutely none of te stuff applied.
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  4. Sorting channels There is no way to sort the channels, is there? I'm running EyeTV 4 8528 on Ventura. Sorting the found channels manually will not change the sorting number. Importing the channel list from an older build is simply not working, it will always reset to the default channel list. I was looking for an xml file or something similar that stores the information about the channels, in the hopes of rewriting it to sort the channels that way, but there doesn't appear to be a file that stores the channels? At least not one that I can edit, like the .eyetvloc file. It seems like the most basic feature for an application like EyeTV, but like so many other things, it's just not possible. I really wish Geniatech would spend more time and effort making EyeTV 4 the application that EyeTV 3 once was.
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    You can connect more cables to view with more devices in parallel
  6. Clearly not I hope another company takes over, but Geniatech has clearly killed the product
  7. sorry for capturing this thread, but I'm at the end of my knowledge : Vodafone Station 6: firewall warning every 10 minutes: DoS Attack - LAND DoS Attack - LAND AttackIN=erouter0 OUT= MAC= DST= LEN=48 TOS=0x00 PREC=0xC0 TTL=1 ID=0 DF PROTO=2 MARK=0x144 This appears in the cable box event log every 10 minutes. SCR is my public IPV4 address. DST obviously a multicast address. But I'm not particularly familiar with it. Since the Wi-Fi at the Vodafone station is very poor, I installed 2 Airport extreme via LAN, which supplies two floors with Wi-Fi. The cause of the interference is the SatIP receiver from Elgato "Netstream4c", which is connected to the Airport extreme via a cable. If this is removed, warnings will no longer appear. I have been using the device in this configuration for several years and have never had any problems. Can anyone rate this or give tips on how to stop it (of course without removing the LAN cable) Thank you very much!
  8. You could try to use the ≈100MB XML file at : >, which includes about 899 channels. Some filtering/pruning will be required before pushing the XML onto Eyetv. There are 16 « .uk » channels in this file : <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id=""> <channel id="">
  9. There still seems to be no resolution in sight for the issue with the UK xmltv grabber from TVGuide If you are thinking about trying EyeTV 4 don't. I did that experiment for you The guide is as expected broken there too! The server never responds The DVB option only grabs the next on air program, not the week it should process and add. Plus it does not run automatically making this useless too! If you are on Apple Silicon the program will crash frequently. It seems OK on my old Intel Man mini. So pretty much every problem that has been raised in the topic area is still not fixed I have challenged support on these issues and asked for a refund they cannot or will not be fixed Stuart
  10. the same here... tried it with s-video and composite. I tried it with the latest 4 software and on my old box with my 3 software where it used to work some years ago. Why does it only present audio but no video ?
  11. It looks like tvguide have changed their API As a result the UK TV grabber is completely broken at the moment There is at least still an API being exposed so there is hope that this can be fixed The issue has been opened at I tried the suggested $ua workaround but that did not work Stuart
  12. Bonjour, Avant de sortir de mon lit, j’ai programmé mon MACPRO (Monterey) et eyetv 4 (8528) pour enregistrer à 7h00 AM les premières nouvelles du matin sur les chaines TV. Quand j’arrive à mon bureau à 9h00, je constate chaque matin que l’enregistrement est en cours mais que le son est ouvert et réveille la famille. Connaissez-vous un réglage pour que les enregistrements se passent en silence ? merci pour vos conseils. Hello, Before I got out of bed, I programmed my MACPRO (Monterey) and eyetv 4 (8528) to record the morning’s first news on TV channels at 7:00 AM. When I arrive at my office at 9:00 am, I notice every morning that the recording is underway but that the sound is open and awakens the family. Do you know a setting so that the recordings will pass silently? thank you for your advice.
  13. If they have no intention of supporting EyeTV4 I wish they would just open it up to other EPG services (which sort of worked with EyeTV3 according to some reports) or just release the EyeTV code to open source. Enough is enough already. What was once the best PVR product out there has become terrible. Covid or no-covid Geniatech could do better than this.
  14. Hi Stuart, I use smart cutter ( to edit my Plex recordings. Unfortunately at least on a Mac it is a bit buggy, but better than nothing...
  15. It came back this morning. I reran my my download script about 09:30. Just a week of listings so far with some data missing I'm wildly speculating that the person responsible for this was on holiday for the past two weeks! It was enough of a scare to make my weekend project buying and setting up a HD Homerun Quatro on my Plex server. Works flawlessly but zero option to edit the recording (one of the best features of EyeTV 3). I did first try to connect my NetStream 4 Sat but just could not get it to work this time around. It previously seemed to work. At least now I have options for recording from Sat and DTV! Stuart
  16. @stuartfLooks like tvguide may be dying ... the website (and the screen-scraping feeds) run out of data at the end of August. Have been trying to get my head around SchedulesDirect but ... nightmare!
  17. Sry for late response. Same version. There is no actual "V1" version. I made a spelling mistake. The "V1" was derived from the filename. Shouldn't have added that to the version number. You can also check by comparing the checksums. There is no other version available to update iirc. hindsight, I should've took it apart and dumped the firmware with a CH341a...assuming it uses an SPI flash chip. This might be useful for further work on the device. Don't have it anymore though. Do your scripts disappear from the device? In that case everything is loaded from flash during boot and all your changes disappear. Dumping, modifying and reflashing the chip should make your scripts persistent.
  18. Thanks to Kristof from for your help!
  19. Disable Timeshift completely Please reeable the option to disable Timeshift completely. Using a EyetvHybrid for S-Video and Timeshift adds delays. Alexander
  20. Hello, I have exactly the same problem since I bought a new apple silicon Mac : my licence key became invalide. I sent multiple emails since two months and I did not get any reply from and Do you know any other way to reach them ? I live in France. It's very anoying.
  21. Genau das gleiche Trauerspiel hier. Drei Service-Requests eröffnet und einmal angerufen. Keine Reaktion. Ich denke die Geschichte ist gelaufen. Die Frage ist, ob man rechtliche Schritte einleiten sollte, damit die Firma in der EU geschlossen wird. De facto findet kein Geschäftsbetrieb mehr statt. Man muss die Leute warnen auch nur einen Cent in dieses Ich versuche seit ende Mai eine neue Lizenznummer zu bekommen...
  22. Recording Done-Script funktioniert in der neuen EyeTV (2831)- Version. Das Problem mit den mehrmaligen Startversuchen bleibt leider bestehen. Gruß Herwig
  23. The current version of EyeTV 4 "works" with Big Sur (V 11.7.9) as well as it "worked" with prior MacOS versions. I have not tried EyeTV 4 with more recent versions of MacOS but I believe others have. See these threads and
  24. PLEASE EXPLAIN EyeTV 4 for each 64 bit MAC OS Now that I have been forced to "upgrade" MAC OS to 64 bit OS, I find that EyeTV3 does not work any more. That indicates that I have to upgrade EyeTV to EyeTV 4. Yet the last posting I have found by the new company selling EyeTV4 is that it had problems with Catalina. I found nothing about even newer OS like Big Sur or Ventura. This computer I am using right now has Big Sur in it. Please post up to date information. I found posted that in 2020 some fix would be issued for EyeTV 4, yet all I see is like EyeTV 4.0. So apparently the "promise" was not fulfilled. I am in the USA. Please give details for how EyeTV 4 will work with each of the 64 bit MacOS. Has the Genius abandoned its step-children? Exactly what can I expect if I buy EyeTV 4? What won't work that worked with 3? Please help your customers.
  25. Thank you for your reply mate! My eyetv T2 Hybrids are most definitely Elgato branded, I have been using them for years. I might order this one from Amazon, it seems to be a newer Geniatech branded one. Thanks again!
  26. If you have an old ElGato branded Hybrid it is possible that it just won't work on Apple Silicon. I have two M1 Macs and my old Hybrid does not work with them. It might show a single DVB-C channel but it won't find any other channels. I bought a newer refurbished T2 Hybrid from the European Geniatech Sales page and this does work, of course with all compromises that EyeTV 4 brings.
  27. I did get an reply today too. Awaiting another response hopefully.
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