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    Eyetv Netstream 4T

    With Geniatech dropping support for the HDHomerun boxes then guessing they have no intention of actually releasing the 4T tuner ( as is now 15 months later ) even though still lists as a possible tuner. I could deal with them dropping the HDHomerun Network DVB-T2 tuner if they actually released one of there own. Makes you wander why they even bothered buying the EyeTV business from elgato if not going to actually progress it.
  2. mcnallym

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Great thread as like others just found that my HDHomerun disappeared. Only bought the HDHomerun as Elgato/Geniatech too slow getting DVB-T2 tuners out. I could kind of live with it if they actually released the Netstream 4T that being mentioned several times. Going to give it till Oct 2018 when my Guide subscription expires, then if no network dub-t2 tuner available then move elsewhere.
  3. mcnallym

    Eyetv Netstream 4T

    Managed to get it to list the channels to list properly. Not sure if is the updated firmware or simply that had a TV window opened tuned to BBC One HD so the search used Tuner 2, however a Search now finds the channels and lists them properly. i.e. BBC One HD is 101, E4 is 28 etc
  4. mcnallym

    Eyetv Netstream 4T

    I find the channels simply however it doesn't sort the channels with the proper number. It is a HDHR4-2DT with the current firmware on it. Eye TV is now the 7514 build. I find BBC One HD just that doesn't show as 101, E4 isn't 28 etc Is more annoying then stopping working/recording. As Geniatech don't actually support this model, then would be interested in a properly supported DVB-T2 tuner as opposed to one that works but isn't supported.
  5. Ok change the buttons displayed under recording so that is the Apple TV HD 1080p Preferences / General / Export Change the iPad/AppleTV Button Selection so that is the Apple TV HD 1080p When viewing recordings then should see the icon change to the AppleTV HD with 1080p underneath it When you schedule a recording then the Export Option should now show Apple TV HD 1080p. The options I see there basically are what set the iPad/AppleTV Button todo.
  6. mcnallym

    Eyetv Netstream 4T

    I see in the latest EyeTV 3.6.9 7513 a reference for EyeTV Netstream 4T. Can Geniatech confirm if this is there previously hinted at Network DVB-T2 tuner, and if is appearing in the EyeTV App now then what timescales looking at. Currently using a HD Homerun Connect that works but has an issue with sorting the channels properly. i.e. BBC One HD not showing as 101, BBC Two HD not showing as 102, so is really interested if Geniatech launching a properly support DVB-T2 Network Tuner.
  7. mcnallym

    EyeTV 3.6.9 (7513) gracenote epg dont work anymore

    I found this with 7512 as well. Rolled back to 7614 and subscription works fine again. I tried logging with Geniatech however all they did was send me a link for where could reset my password which isn't the issue. Was hoping with the takeover of the media that would get a bit more focus but isn't looking promising so far.
  8. mcnallym

    EyeTV problems with HDHomeRun tuners

    Have you tried the latest Download: EyeTV 3.6.9 (Version 7512) version. I also have a HDHR4-2DT as like you got fed up waiting for a DVB-T2 tuner to be released. What I found was that with 7416 build then would find the channels but doesn't sort them properly i.e. BBC One wasn't Channel 1 etc. With the 7512 then finds the channels and orders the same as does my TV. One thing I did find however was that my Gracenote Subscription stated invalid credentials however. If you are using DVB Guide however shouldn't be an issue for you. At the moment I am therefore running the 7416 software ( with a working Gracenote Subscription ) however the Channel Scan was from a 7512 scan. I haven't personally experienced the issue with the disconnect to the Network Tuner
  9. mcnallym

    no Eyetv T2 option in devices

    You need the 3.6.9 7512 release to support the T2 device Download: EyeTV 3.6.9 (Version 7512)