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  1. Mine grew up to 800 Gb in a matter of a couple of hours. What's weird is that this file appears not only using EyeTV4 (last version), but also HDHomeRun (I have a homerun 2tuners device). I am sure that sharing from EyeTV4 is OFF. In addition, activity monitor does not show any eyeconnect program running. This happens on an iMac M1. It does not happen on my old, intel iMac. PS: the log file appears under /Library/Logs (not in the home folder, the main one)
  2. Yes. EyeTV4 is able to show the hardware selection panel ONLY if a device is physically connected to the mac. In my case, an eyetv for DTT USB device. Anyway now it works, and I am happy with it! Thanks for the hints!
  3. Dear Eric, you gave me a good hint. I am posting the solution, in case anybody else would need. I did not have any physical hardware attached, thus I was not able to select. I plugged an eyetv USB device in the USB port, and then repeated the setup. This time, I was asked for the hardware. I selected geniatech and HDHomeRun and ditto, it worked. Thus, the difference was having some hardware plugged in, otherwise it will not recognize the HDHomerun on the network. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi Eric, thanks for helping. That's weird. On my iMac (Big Sur 11.1), using EyeTV 4 (8524), when I run EyeTV setup assistant I get: - screen "This assistant will help you..." NEXT - select country => I select Italy, then NEXT - enter name and activation key => ok, then NEXT - EyeTV has been successfully configured with finish button. It does NOT ask to select hardware. To be sure, I repeated the procedure, this time trying to select France as you... no difference, same story, it does not ask to select hardware!!! That's crazy! Are you using a different version, OS, HDHomeRun device? Merci!
  5. Dear Eric, could you please explain how you managed to have your HDHomeRun working with EyeTV 4? I have just purchased an HD HomeRun Connect Duo. It is connected to the network, I added channels using the web interface. When I then open eyetv 4 (last version) nothing shows up under "devices". If I run the setup, it asks for name, serial, country etc., but nothing about the device. Could you please help? Thanks a lot!
  6. Same problem. kernel panic on big sur 11.1 when quitting eyetv 4 on iMac, using elgato eyetv 410 via firewire to thunderbold adapter. Worked fine up to yesterday with Catalina. What I tried: - having the 410 connected to power supply (no way, kernel panic) - unplug firewire cable from the back of 410 (no way, kernel panic when unplugging) - tried an eyetv DTT USB spare device I have => it DOES work, no kernel panic on quit So, there is something weird going on between big sur, iMac and the eyetv 410
  7. ATTENTION! I purchased a couple of days ago EyeTV4. I installed it on my desktop mac, an iMac retina 5k with 10.5.2 as OS. Today, I installed eyeTV4 on my laptop, a MacBookAir with 10.5.2 catalina OS. I get the message "The registration key ABCD..... has been invalidated. Please contact customer support". Does it mean I can use the sofware on only ONE mac? Even if I am the owner of both computers, and even if I will use it with the same hardware? That's weird...