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  1. Well, this link leads to version 8527 which reports stability fixes for Monterey. But haven't tried it since I still use Eye TV 4 (8526) with Big Sur (and have no problems and don't miss 3.6.9 at all):
  2. I finally had to update to EyeTV 4 last October ... after reading all the complaints, I expected the worst, but was surprised to find out it works just fine here. Has not missed recordings. Well, I'll qualify that: it did miss some early on. Then I found out I had to go through and manually delete all prior "/volumes/EyeTV Archive/*.eyetvsched" schedule files left from 3.6.9 in the directory and manually adjust the archive ownership and file permissions. The new Mac hardware and update to Big Sur seemed to create ownership and permissions problems. Apparently EyeTV4 wasn't able to modify the old schedule files, so it messed things up. It was fastest to just delete all old-format recording schedules and create new ones. Took a few minutes to forcibly delete the old stuff, change file and directory ownership and permissions, and have never had a problem with recording since then. I've only exported a couple times, but both times it came out in .mp4 just fine, as with 3.6.9. No drama. After months of delayed updates to Mac hardware and Big Sur, it turned out to be a big nothing. About the only thing I miss from EyeTV 3.6.9 (a little) is the "fine editing" option and the searching of show "info" (string matching) isn't good. But scheduling and recording and manipulating shows has been as solid as anything with 3.6.9. Problems might be local.
  3. Haven't had an problems with the 3.6.9 or 4.0 guide since the program update 3 months ago ... updating normally (for U.S. location).
  4. I ended up having to go to Big Sur also. After reading months/years of complaints about EyeTV4, with people sounding like they are about to jump off the roof in despair, it was surprisingly different than expected and surprisingly similar to 3.6.9. I haven't had any problems with it, and after about the first day, had adapted and didn't particularly miss EyeTV 3.6.9 -- which I can still run on a virtual machine running Mojave under Big Sur/Parallels). Very serviceable replacement. I think Geniatech got a bum rap on this. The little on-screen "remote" is gone, but I realized I didn't miss it ... it was just something to push to the corner of the screen to get it out of the way, never used. The 4.0 controls at the bottom fo the screen + keypad seem easier anyway. Minor things here and there could be tweaked, but for example, it has NOT missed program records, the program guide works well, the display is fine with no lines or bars, or artifacts, etc. While I was trying to avoid upgrading my Mac to avoid "losing" EyeTV functionality, it turned out to be a non-issue. I wouldn't worry about it. That said, I'm running EyeTV 250+ harwdware, which does the heavy-lifting of encoding and just passes the result to the sw for display. So it is possible people with modern "stick" tuner hardware that passes the encoding job on to the computer's CPU & sw may have a different issues.
  5. I have not had any unusual problems after the software update. It sounds like signal strength issue, which could just be coincidence: broadcasters changing antenna patterns with season, or actual problems at the transmitter, etc. Skipping frames (given marginal signal strength) has been the case for as far back as the transition to digital in 2007/2008. Analog can pass on signal as it gradually degrades into noise-snow. With digital going through an encoding process, as EyeTV has always been, data drop-outs get compressed away to nothing since the process always tries to reduce and discard unnecessary data for better performance.
  6. Interesting! "it just worked". While still downloading 3.6.9 (7530) , I renewed my subscription that had expired during the outage. The download finished, installed, and then downloaded the guide data without prompting or issue.
  7. If the guide comes back for EyeTV 3, I hope someone mentions it here .... my subscription term just expired, so won't know to renew otherwise. Wonder how many customers (who might not check here) they shake off each time service goes out for weeks/months at a time. Wonder how many are left!
  8. So EyeTV 4 can be installed and used on a Mac (Mojave) running EyeTV 3 without the two conflicting -- garbling each other's configuration files, etc. -- and with a default installation?
  9. My Mac's usefulness/flexibility seemed to peak about 2013-2015. Since then, Apple's relentless, yearly updates have cast off old functionality to advance other things. My computer is continuously headed toward doing less in the future than it has in the past. SIP broke things, 64 -bit lost many tools, Catalina broke a bunch of peripherals with the redo of drivers. Now it looks like ARM will break what's left. Apple's "vision" no longer lines up with what I want. Companies spend 10, 20,100 man-years developing something, then Apple makes an arbitrary change to create a new "fashion" in computing, obsoletes it all and expects it to be redone or else "oh, too bad -- bye-bye!". Doesn't bode well for the future. Did customers ask them to remove 32-bit support, switch to ARM architecture?
  10. What's the status on the fix? Is the beta that was passed out to a select few (who then posted it) all there is and ever will be, with no actual release pushed to customers? I never got a response to my enquiries when TVGuide broke, and would have no clue other than here. Is the company even still in business?