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  1. Hello TBinNM, I'm not sure why you are replying to my Post with information that so out of date. eyeTV 3.6.9 build (7530) was created recently for the "TVGuide EPG". This failure of no EPG being available for eyeTV 3 has happened too many times. You seem to be talking about the EPG from Titan. I know that was available in 2008 because that was when I first purchased EyeTV from Elgato. Since then there has been; Siliondust & Geniatech. I'm not sure but the change over might have happened with Silicon Dust but there were many years while there was no Titian EPG. Additionally the EPG from TvGuide contains almost no information. Specifically it only contains the show’s name and series date. Nothing else to help you create a list to play show to view in sequence or help you determine if you have previously seen the show. How worthless ! Please stop posting irrelevant information , thank you so much.
  2. Hello WisconsinEric, Well this has been a ongoing problem for many years. I have a post about this issue dated in 2016. The last time Geniatech actually had to change the Program EyeTV 3 so that everyone could have an EPG that was supplied by TV guide . This EPG has failed for me and now, before the end of it's subscription it will not update daily. I have tried contacting Geniatech about this issue but no response.
  3. I submitted a complaint to Pay Pal on Aug 2, 2021 as described below. Today on Aug 3, 2021 PayPal resolved the dispute in my favor. Geniatech has a history of not resolving problems in a timely manner with the EPG. Now I have to ask Geniatech for more $$$. Why Geniatech chooses to ignore the North American market for users of EyeTv for home use is beyond my understanding. I have a Broadcast Television system that receives more than 100 channels in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. I have been very disappointed in the lack of service from Geniatech since they took over. Dispute amount €25.17 EUR Transaction date July 2, 2021 Seller name Geniatech Europe GmbH
  4. Sunday August 1, 2021. I have received no response to the above, posted on 07/20/2021 on EyeTV forum.
  5. EyeTV server will not respond. I am using a MacMini, OS 10.12.6 and EyeTv 3.6.9 (7528). I purchased an EPG on Nov. 25, 2020. I am unable to update this EPG and I get a server error message. On or about July 2, 2021 the server stopped updating my EPG. I have started two support requests. When ever I respond to these support requests I receive an unable to deliver response from my Yahoo mails services. Today I sent the following new service request to Support. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. JULY 20, 2021 EYE TV You have replied to the following two request for support. Your emails do not contain any description of the complaint for each ticket. TicketID: 20210703XXXXXXXX, TicketID: 2021070XXXXXXXX Any response to your emails result in an error message as follows: " mailer-daemon@yahoo.com To: XXXXXXXXX@yahoo.com Tue, Jul 20 at 2:54 PM Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. <eyetv-plus-support@eu-geniatech.com>: 550: 5.1.1 <eyetv-plus-support@eu-geniatech.com>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table " >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To date I cannot update my EPG and I request a refund of my purchase of TicketID: 2021070XXXXXXXX" for EyeTv Plus this July 3, 2021 (Invoice SSNXXXXXXX for order XXXXXX) Please call me at 1+XXXXXXXX Livermore California, USA. If you do not respond I will ask my credit card company for assistance. Please repair your server. "Update failed due to a server error." In the below image you can see that EyeTV 3 tries to update but gets a server error.
  6. Maybe I am too late to offer any help but I have had an old experience with EyeTV 3 after Geniatech released an update some time ago. The new update no longer supported my HD HomeRun tuner box. Seems like Geniatech only wanted to do business with people who purchased their hardware at that time. So I had to re-install an older version of EyeTV 3 (7524). So just make sure the you selected your hardware box in the preferences panel and check your signal from your cable box. Mine shows the received signal strength and signal quality for all of the video tuners. Your hardware, EyeTV HD, was that purchased from El Gato or maybe Silicon Dust? El Gato was the company that developed the early versions of EyeTv software. Then came Silicon Dust and now we got Geniatech. I am using a MacMIni, late 2012, OS 10.12.6, EyeTv 3 (7528). Configured for HD HomeRun Quatro for Broadcast Television.
  7. Yes, I also purchase the EPG early in 2020. It took months for Geniatech to resolve the problem of No EPG available. The EPG that I finally purchsed does not contain all of the information described. Something is seriously wrong with Geniatech. I believe that Geniatech is abandoning the North American market.
  8. Hello, I am really glad that I my ID and password still gets me logged into this forum. I see that on Sat , April 9, 2011 I first recorded my license for EyeTV 2.5.3 After reading the posts here as of March, 14, 2020 I am very glad that I have not purchased EyeTv 4. Simply put I believe that EyeTv/Geniatech does not support the Apple desktop users. I believe that this company is only interested in mobile devises (iPad, iPhone, laptops etc), using only tuners sold by Geniatech. This is based upon my experience upon Geniatech's inability to provide update subscriptions for their North American EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) in the previous year. I am using two MacMini computers. EyeTV 3.6.9 was able to subscribe to the EPG (it took about a year before that happened) and now I am able to schedule program recordings, this on a MacMini using OS 10.12.6. The other computer is using OS 10.15.3 which can't run EyeTv unless I upgrade to 4, which I won't do. So don't count on EyeTv/Geniatech to keep providing DVR software that interfaces with 3 party hardware in the future. If anyone has tested any of the 3 party TV tuner boxes in that list please post your results. Also were there any. beta releases or trial downloads of ver 4 offered? I do think that EveTV is (maybe was) the best Apple DVR software on the market, when it was owned by EyeTv. Today my 3.6.9. software is doing it's job well. But will I be able to purchase a EPG subscription next year?
  9. Hello All, like all of you I cannot renew my EPG. So I contacted Geniatech support, opened a ticket and got no where. So I went to Geniatech.eu forum and started talking. Then they shut down the .eu forum, then they shutdown the support topic for the EPG. Then they stopped all replies to my open ticket. But at the us.Geniatech web site they are still selling the EPG for North America. I just can't find out how to open a new account and start the download. Has anyone contacted a owner of the new Geniatech hardware and found out if this is only available to people who buy new hardware and then subscribe to the EPG?
  10. Hi, I am also interested in their HD HomeRun Software, keep in touch.
  11. Hi, I contacted support when my HD HomeRun no longer worked with EyeTV 3. Yes they are not supporting Elgato or Silicon Dust devices. So use ver 3.9.6 build (7520). Then start looking for something else to take its place, Eyetv 3 that is.If you search around the internet you will fine people using a open source (free) replacement that includes a (free) open source EPG. Yes Genitech no longer support the EPG for north American users. Cannot update my EPG for the year 2019. No help from support, none. It's now 04/20/19.
  12. That is exactly the same message I received from my email send Jan, 2019. I guess I need to open another support ticket.
  13. I received this reply to my support request for support on Jan 30, 2019: Thank you for your request. There is something wrong with the subscription. We are fixing it. We will inform you immediately once it is back to normal.Kind regards,Angela >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Out of Stock? That is it, nothing else. I still have no TV Guide subscription. Now What?
  14. Same for me, I try to purchase a subscription for 2019 and I get an "out of stock" message. Wrote a ticket for support but no reply so far. This happens every year for North American customer. Using Mac Mini late 2013, EyeTv 3.6.9 which is stable on Mac OS 10.12.6, Genitech HD Home run dual.
  15. Hello, I am using a Mac Mini (late 2012) with OS 10.12.6 (16G1036) and EyeTV-3, Ver. 3.6.9 (7520) from Geniatech and a HDhomeRun Dual from Silicondust. Just today I was notified that there was a new update so after installing my EyeTv stopped working. When I checked EyeTV Preference under "devises" my hardware was no longer listed. Now I come to this site and read that many are having problems using HighSierra. HighSierra is a 64 bit only operating system. So do not upgrade/update anything until Apple, Geniatech, Silicondust, EyeTv, what ever you are using, catches up with the real world. I am grateful that I thought to come to this site.