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  1. You can always go to their web site and download the latest from there...
  2. OMG, What the (f- word) are you guys doing? This firmware is NOT for EyeTV Netstream 4Sat, this firmware is only for older EyeTV Netstream Sat!!! EyeTV Netstream 4Sat s latest firmware is Version: 1.1.0-402r1 which is already installed on most of sat>ip devices By the way. i have almost all sat devices from EyeTv and can answer your questions if you guys need help. (Elgato EyeTV Sat, EyeTV Netstream Sat, Elgato EyeTV Sat Free, EyeTV Netstream 4Sat v1 and v2).
  3. It is kinda strange. this is what i see... There is a menu for that.. and i dont know why i have it and you guys dont have it
  4. Hi Chris_ES, If you go to Eye Tv SAT>IP app (on IOS device), Under devices menu you can force the device to stream only original stream ( default value is Automatic if i recall it right)
  5. David, let us to help you with this spam cleaning. cause it s getting crazy here. do you know how to get this rights, i mean moderator rights?
  6. It is in ~/Documents -> EyeTV Archive -> In the container file with .eyetv extension (right click on it and choose Show Package Contents) there you will see a XML file *.eyetvr in this.eyetvr there is a key starts with <key>isUnplayed</key>
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    No Signal

    if you see all channels from the start and you didnt do anything extra like scaning channels, they are pre installed (donwloaded from geniatech database) in Netstream app what do you have for settings for your LNB? did you plug cable to the first tuner and not the second or not the third nor fourth?
  8. fissionbomb

    No Signal

    Do you mean pre-installed channels? how looks your configuration? which satellite? cables? LNB? we need more information.
  9. v.7522 works, the latest version is 7522
  10. fissionbomb


    EyeTV 3 supports Hauppauge WinTV CI USB , you can buy used ones on ebay. I have one and i use mine almost everyday since 2009-2010. even there is one right now on ebay, a german user sells his. You can even buy Geniatech Elgato EyeTV sat TV Tuner for dvb-s/s2 with CI slot. i have this one too, and works pretty good. DONT FORGET THAT CI+ is not supported! (oh yes there is "Geniatech Elgato EyeTV sat TV Tuner for dvb-s/s2 with CI slot" on ebay right now. )
  11. They (geniatech) say that USB port is for service only... But you can use your eyetv3 on macmini for recording/scheduling recordings and ect..
  12. It works totally ok on 10.13.1 and even on developer seed 10.13.2 Beta (17C76a). EPG works too in full screen
  13. ok it actually works, but you have to re install eye tv from zero, If you already a channel list in eyetv 3 it does not always work. i had same problem both on Astra 23,5E and Astra 19,2E and i never believed that reinstalling eyetv would fix the problem ( it recommended here in this forum) , but yes it does. EyeTV Netstream Sat uses m3u links, and you have to create them properly. First backup everything with the eye tv reporter and than uninstall eye tv, your settigns and channels. install eye tv from zero. dont import your backup/settings and try! does it work? yes? good. Now upload your channel list to EyeTV Netstream Sat. check that you have all channels on your device by visiting devices ip. now import your backup, and download 19,2 m3u list from EyeTV Netstream Sat and replace your 19,2 configuration with the copy from EyeTV Netstream Sat
  14. i dont have your mail adress and cant send you via wetransfer.. here it is from my drive and also attached it here.
  15. i have the latest one (EyeTV Netstream Sat 1.1.5 build 423) and i can send it to you. do you prefer via onedrive , via wetransfer or other ? i even have previous versiones but i assume that you dont need them.
  16. Eyetv3 build 7520 works quite good on HIGH SIERRA - 10.13 beta 9. The only problem is if you call EPG in full screen tv Eyetv crashes.
  17. i was expecting this question here but COME ON, you are asking for a beta release ! it is not even GM, i have also some problems on high sierra but it is a beta and it is the first beta, it is there just for experimenting. you/we cant/shouldnt expect support for it, and the cause is so clear it is first BETA! Just go back to to stable release of sierra. How do you expect support from Geniatech or from a developer for a BETA release? Geniatech for sure will gather bugs and feedback but we shouldnt expect support tills Apple releases Golden Master. By the way i have also encountered same problem, thanks for solution. There is also a problem if you skip the first channel scan and "eyetv setup assistant". Eye tv crashes if channel list is empty. importing a channel list with EyeTV Reporter solves the problem.
  18. Hi again, i just recorded a video and tried to explain the reset procedure and the problem there. the thing that made me confused is how the old unit handels reset procedure when i compare to the reset procedure with the new one. i mean after reset procedure defaults are not there like the old one does. When i do a factory -reset it should reset the units name (right?) to Eyetv Netstram 4Sat (151), DHCP to DHCP ON, LNB settings to 4. Lets say that i will sell this device and want to restore defaults, but reset procedure does not restores default settings, imagine that i forgot DHCP at static IP and not as default ON, what the next person will do? please take a look, here is the video , am i doing reset-procedure wrong?
  19. Hi guys , i believe i have found a bug in firmware of the new eyetv-netstream-4sat(refreshed) and a problem with the reset procedure. So i would like to inform you guys. it just started like a month ago (or maybe before). Eyetv on Mac OSX couldnt find channels on 23,5E Astra on my mac laptop. i went to my classic MacPro and tried there, i had already all channles from prevous scans, i deleted them (astra 23,5 channels) and started a clean scan. channel scan didnt find anything there either. i tried with eye tv version 4517, 4516, 4513. and Sat-ip app on mac (from DVBViewers creator) ( all eye tv apps on ios works/worked perfectly with the reciever). To verify the problem, to test with another app and to reproduce the bug i used DVBViewer on PC win 10. I started with DVBViewer to scan transponders but after second or third transponder DVBViewer just gave up and went to idle. I restarted "scan" again with status page by side, saw on eyetv-netstream-4sat status page that they were communicating. But after three transponders 1=11487,V,1667,34,DVB-S,QPSK, 2=11508,V,14999,34,DVB-S,QPSK, 3=11581,H,2400,56,S2,8PSK DVBViewer gave up and went to idle. i looked to the status page and there were no active users. i started scan again, my ip and session id appeared on status page, but after three transponders both devices went to idle. i tried couple of times, with couple of edited tranponder lists with deferent SR values and i saw that problem comes with inactiv tranponders that have lower SR values (from range from 941 to 2500) in common. the lower SR values made eye netstream sat really sleepy (times out) and did drop the client/user, and tuner went to sleep for exemple if there is three tranponder in a row like those 6=11643,H,5500,34,S2,8PSK, 7=11676,V,1410,45,S2,QPSK, 8=11677,V,1024,23,S2,8PSK, 9=11679,V,1024,23,S2,8PSK, 10=11680,V,1024,23,S2,8PSK EyeTV Netstream 4Sat just drops the last two requests and sleeps.. i belive thet there is 1 minute time out. It goes through first three but it doesnt reach the end before time out.. EYEtv 3 keeps Netstream 4Sat awake and goes through tranponder list but scan finds 0 channels. By the way EyeTV Netstream 4Sat Reset Procedure ( does nothing . after red led, lids the blue and it goes to red again but It doesnt restore factory defaults. I already tried it couple of times and all my settigns are still there.. is this reset procedure still valid for this new device? Adding low SR (active) tranponders manually and zaping channels with eye tv app on Mac works tottaly ok, and thats why i love this new device so much, it handles low sr values much much better than the old one. like a month ago the scaning channels at astra 23,5E worked almost perfect on Mac side with the built-in satelite transponder list( in Eye tv resources file in the app). but not anymore. what happend since then? i went throuhg satelilte lists and edited 235 XML file but i just couldnt fixed the problem, i see that there is so many unused frequencies in resource file. can you guys just show me/us how to edit them properly? So i can delete lowSR tranponders and add them manualy after. maybe i edited them wrong.. i do get around this problem by adding transponders manually but it takes time a lot of time. Can you guys please update transponder lists for Europe (major satelittes from 1W to 45E) once every three months or maybe often or/and can you guys fix that low SR tranponders without signal doesnt make the box sleepy? BUT please dont change/block ability to add and watch low sr channels , cause eyetv-netstream-4sat handles them totally ok.
  20. i experimented a lot with sat>ip standart, with minisatip installed raspberry pi and on these standarts -> dvc-c , dvb-c2, t and t2 Can you please try SAT>IP Viewer, i can send the application to you. i would like to see how SAT>IP Viewer reacts on your netstream 4C. please contact me with a direct message
  21. no no you really dont knw what you are talking about. “Fact is that only 1 single app on the Mac is able to use the Netstream reason is that the Netstream uses protocol only know to Geniatech and does not work with default drivers.” i use, DVBlink ( oh yes DVBlink what a wonderfull app) DVBViewers mac application called “Sat>IP viewer” and Eyetv 3. Lets count now - 1, 2 ,3 wow 3 different apps i do use regularly on my Mac computers on Mac OS WITH Netstream devices PC side? there are a lot of variety apps on PC side i use them also regularly with BootCamp on my Mac computers. atv4 is ok but not suitable for me, not a perfect device under Apples restricted world and strict rules... PS: By the way i work with IT, media and communication at a media company. and i am also a developer and working with ios and learning Android. i can a lot about satellites, tv and radio communication.
  22. you dont know what you are talking about. if it is "proprietary protocol" why does it works and i can use my netstream 4s' (both the old and the new version) with a lot of variety of apps? And dont forget that they are listed at Astra SES s site? You are just talking b***s***. if it doesnt work on atv4 it doesnt mean that it is a "proprietary protocol" it means that those apps are crippled or restricted apps. just get rid of your atv 4. you should maybe try with a NvidiaShield Android TV . i do even watch UHD without any problem. on my OnePlus One, my Nvidia Shield tv, my ipad, on all my computers both PC and Mac works perfectly with netstream devices. And NO, i dont even use official apps! i do use official app just for changing LNB settigns on netstream devices.
  23. Arnd_Gehrmann, most of us (even loyal eyetv users like me) have forgoten this but i would like to remind you " a great tool" created by elgato a long time ago and it still lives under geniatech brand. you can backup and restore preferences (which i use very often for sync my channel lists between my computers), delete preferences, uninstall "deep clean eyetv installation", backup selected files, network diagnosis ect Here you can find more information about it and can download it here EyeTV Reporter utility