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  1. I can confirm that editing and exporting with EyeTV 3 is far better/easier/more logical than with EyetV 4.
  2. Yes, export is a lot slower with the release version. However, most users will miss the exceptional export formats available with EyeTV V3 versus V4 anyway, so it's all crap really.
  3. It really is abandonware. How they can justify selling it as working software is beyond me, especially as EyeTV 3 was such a stable, simple solution that actually worked properly.
  4. EyeTV 4 constantly crashes on Monterey.
  5. The old metallic IR remote doesn't work with newer Mac Minis, including the M1 version. They don't have an IR receiver. Apparently you can use an Apple TV remote to control them, but I have no idea if they would work with Eye TV.
  6. Please, don't even think about it. EyeTV 4 is garbageware and nothing like as stable, bug-free, easy to use and functional as EyeTV 3. Editing videos is a nightmare and exporting them is worse. Even the TV guide is disastrous. It's a huge shame as EyeTV 3 was so good.
  7. My advice is pay your money and instantly regret it, or don't pay your money and you've saved yourself a whole hill of problems and headaches. EyeTV 4 is not fit for purpose.
  8. Exporting is one of the things which is a disaster compared with Eye TV3. You can't export to iTunes unfortunately, and in any case, editing recordings is extremely clunky compared with EyeTV 3. EyeTV 4 was a complete waste of money. At least I'm lucky enough to have an old Mac Mini running Eye TV 3, which is far more advanced, stable, and easy to use than EyeTV 4. It's a real shame.
  9. If you can avoid using EyeTV4 then do so! It's a huge downgrade from EyeTV 3 and is plagued with problems and missing functionality.
  10. According to this article, M1 macs only run Big Sur and above. So Eyetv3 will not run natively on an M1 mac, as it's not 64bit. You might find someone using parallels though. It's frustrating as EyeTV 3 is far better than Eyetv 4.
  11. Just my 2c worth. I have used EYETV 3 for many years, and unfortunately I paid for EyeTV 4 - the worst purchase of the year. It's clunky, bug-ridden, and the editing and export functions are worse than basic. I can't think of a single way in which 4 is superior to 3. I'm one of the lucky ones who still has an old Mac Mini around to run 32 bit apps on, however.
  12. Don't hold your breath. I don't think many people would call EyeTV 4 a success and I seriously doubt Geniatech will bother porting it to ARM.
  13. The editor is terrible compared with the one in EyeTV 3. It's the main reason I've stopped using EyeTV 4.
  14. I have given up using EyeTV 4 because of the editor. I agree the one in EyeTV 3 was far better and much more intuitive.
  15. Apple remote's working fine for me on build 3522 and High Sierra 10.13.1 It's an old (white) Apple remote though, not a recent one.