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    64 Bit support

  2. you can also use http://mc2xml.awardspace.info/ then once the xmltv listing is downloaded you can load it in EyeTV. You have to do this on the command line : open -a /Applications/EyeTV.app ./xmltv.xml The best is to set a cronjob with a script that downloads the file and load it in EyeTV once a day.
  3. We do not care about what the Windows version does or supports. EyeTV 4 doesn't exists on OS X (macOS) and for all we know , it might never exist on OS X. We want 64 bits support on the Mac OS X version (macOS), supports for the tuners we bought with EyeTV when it was sold by Elgato (HDHomerun) and bug fixes. And so far we haven't seen any of this, bugs have not been fixed and no effort is being made towards any of the things I mentioned above. So we do not trust anything Geniatech is saying anymore.. this is the reality of the market, not someones view. So if your use case is EyeTv 4 on Windows, you are in the wrong thread as here we're talking about EyeTV on OS X and the lack of support and/or update as well as wether or not there will be a 64 bits version for the future OS releases.
  4. je vois ca de façon réguliere sur mon EyeTV Diversity (USB) mais pas sur mon tuner SAT>IP. Quand cela arrive on ne peut meme pas stopper l'enregistrement et on doit tuer le processus. Très ennervant et aucune solution en vue.
  5. I did install Plex this weekend with a Plex pass ... it's pretty good and properly supports my 3 HDHomerun connect Duo. The program guide can me improved (they are working on it to provide a similar view as the EyeTV one, planned for Q2 2018).. so yea , if you have a HDHomerun .. Plex with Plex Pass is probably the way to go at this point. My only real issue is the lack of editing once the recording is done (to cut the part you don't want), but it's not a show stopper. They are also working on adding Satellite support (including SAT>IP)... and they listen to their user.. and reply Bye bye EyeTV.
  6. Sorry I forgot that wget is not there by default (I have MacPorts installed). Curl works perfectly indeed to get the data. Regards, Rodolphe
  7. apparently www.xmltv.co.uk is down today.
  8. Here is my script, it's saved as xmltv_refresh.sh. You will need to change the path to wherever your EyeTV is and also wherever you put the script. Mine is in a xmltv diretory in my home directory : #!/bin/bash cd ~/xmltv wget -q http://www.xmltv.co.uk/feed/6582 -O uk.xml # load xml EPG in EyeTV /usr/bin/open -a /Applications/Video/EyeTV.app ~/xmltv/uk.xml I't s called from my crontab every night at midnight : PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/opt/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/ SHELL=/bin/bash 00 00 * * * $HOME/xmltv/xmltv_refresh.sh >/dev/null 2>&1 Rodolphe
  9. try this : http://www.xmltv.co.uk/feeds I will not renew my guide subscription and I'm already moving to this. I have a script in my cron table that wget this file and use EyeTV to open it. bye bye Gracenote (and probably soon bye bye EyeTV seeing how things are going with the HDHomerun...).
  10. Did they re-add the HDHomeRun ? If not.. I'll pass.
  11. I see the same thing and not just for UK channel. The EPG is empty after 3 days out. So much for the promise of 2 weeks of guide...
  12. I have the same problem on Sierra.. so no Nigh Shift mode here. This is a EyeTV bug, has been for a long time and just seems to happen more often now than it use to in previous versions. This happens to me at least 2 or 3 times a week on different tuner (DVB-T usb diversity, SAT-IP DVB-S2, ...). I have no faith in Geniatech fixing this after seeing where EyeTV is going (nowhere and they are removing 3rd party tuner support pissing of a good part of their customer).
  13. I only have one dish pointing to 28.2E on the roof of a building.. so I can't really point it somewhere else. But other tuner (borrowed from friends), both SAT>IP and firewire can scan all the transponder and find the channels.. so this is really a bug in EyeTV with the kathrein EXIP 414E (and may be some other SAT>IP servers). This issue was confirmed by Geniatech support by email saying that they have found an incompatibility with the kathrein EXIP 414E. As this is a certified SAT>IP server I think this means some other SAT>IP server might also have the same issue.. and of course they can't guaranty that they will fix it as this is an incompatibility with a device that is not theirs.... even though they claim full support for certified SAT>IP server ( "Please Note: EyeTV only supports officially certified SAT>IP devices, as listed athttp://www.satip.info/ " .. which is where I looked to select a tuner ... the kathrein EXIP 414E...). Rodolphe
  14. Yes. The tuner is detected and as I imported a channel lineup saved from another setup with a different tuner (a friend of mine exported his channel lineup and sent it to me). So I can select channels and watch the channels that were imported from another EyeTV But if I do an auto-tune, no channel are detected, If I add channel by hand for a know transponder, no channel are detected :