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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have reported the following situation to the GeniaTech Support team. EyeTV 4.0.0 for Mac Build 8528 Intel iMac Monterey 12.6.2 When the view is set to full screen mode (CMD 5), if you use the keyboard number keys to change the channel, then the channel will change and video will play. HOWEVER, the App/GUI will hang with the spinning beach ball. If you right-click on the EyeTV icon in the dock it shows “Application not responding”, and the option to “Force Quit”. As others have noticed, after the channel change the information overlay does not disappear. To me it looks like a threading issue. Interestingly, the problem does not happen in windowed modes (tiny, small, normal, max). Anyone else? Please add “me too”…
  2. I have an Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on an Late-2012 iMac i7 (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H524)) using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter. I bought Eye tv 4 in September and it hasn't worked once. Every launch gets into the setup sequence and immediately crashes. (Always thread 24 or 25 with the same, identical SEGV.) I have contacted GeniaTech about this numerous times over the last seven months and never once gotten a reply. I have included crash logs from the Console app, system configuration data from System Profiler, steps to reproduce, contact information, .. everything I can think of to make a good bug report. I get an automated response that my bug report was received, and then, nothing. The greatest insult is that they also have not refunded my purchase to my credit card. I find it hard to describe this. In forty-five years of computing, I cannot recall ever paying for something that simply never worked at all. And only rarely do I recall having Customer Support turn theirback on me and ignore a crash report.
  3. In the daily update of my US EPG listings yesterday, all my program information vanished. Further update attempts have not filled in any new information. I have cleared the EPG database several times without improvement; when that failed, I re-ran the setup assistant, also without improvement. As of now, I can see the title of the current program in the frontmost window - but only in EyeTV 3.6.9; EyeTV 4 does not provide that information. The program guide has no program listings whatsoever. I can still schedule recordings, but only by inputting all the information by hand. Is this a general EPG outage, or a US-specific EPG outage, or a US over-the-air EPG outage? Or is this just me? The veterans here may recall that all EPG listings vanished a few years ago, and were gone for over six months (even though Geniatech continued to sell EPG subscriptions, effectively accepting payment for a service they were not providing). Does anyone know whether this is what's happening now? If this isn't resolved in the next few days, I think that's the end of my days with EyeTV, after 16 years, seven tuners and twelve licenses. I can't keep pouring money and energy into an application that the developer won't make any visible effort to maintain or support. 😞 Software: EyeTV 3.6.9 (7530), EyeTV 4.0.0 (8526) macOS 10.14.6 Mojave EPG license current until November 2022 Hardware: 2015 13" MacBook Pro Retina i7/1TB SSD/16GB HDHomeRun Quatro (Ethernet connection)
  4. I have an Imac with eyetv 4.0.0 (8526) and diversity turner. Video jerks (same with all previous versions available). it seems that this error (one of many of this software) is not in version 8019. Someone can share it
  5. Dose anyone know if EyeTV 4 supports the Netstream 2T it was only sold by elgato. Geniatech didn't carry over many of the terrestrial units at the time. I was using eyetv 3 until my mac mini died now I have a mac mini M1 so no 32 bit apps
  6. ** Apologies for posting this here as well as in the EyeTV software forum. I wasn't sure where this should go. Mods: Please delete one of the posts if necessary. Thanks! ** Hello, Last year, I purchased a second-hand Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat on a bit of a whim. My satellite receive isn't really in the most useful room of the house anymore and it seemed like it would be a good idea to replace this with a network tuner so that I could watch TV elsewhere. I'm using the satellite system for free-to-air service from Astra 19.2E, and the dish and receive are both working well. I haven't had the chance to do anything with it until now, but with the internet under strain due to the Coronavirus, I thought I'd do my bit and reduce my use of streaming radio and TV services and get everything set-up. I'm having problems getting it to work though, and I wondered if anyone might able to point me in the right direction. Although the seller supplied the box and the original CD, they didn't include a licence key for EyeTV 3. I'm still using macOS 10.14 at the moment but I suspect I'll need to go '64-bit' only sooner or later, so I purchased a licence for Eye TV 4 directly from Geniatech. I've connected everything, installed the software and run the Setup Assistant, but keep getting a told "No devices found" after selecting "Netstream" from the list of options available. I've tried selecting the Netstream from both the 'Geniatech' and 'Network / IPTV' lists, but neither seems to work. I tried resetting the Netstream itself by powering on the unit whilst holding down the reset button on the back. It's now displaying an orange light rather than a green one, but my router can still see it and has given it an IP address. Would anyone have any ideas as to what to try next? Is this hardware compatible with version 4 of EyeTV, or have I bought the wrong version of the software? Have I somehow not reset it properly, and left it in a sort of limbo state? I'd be very grateful for any help and suggestions; thanks in advance! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Thanks, Richard
  7. Hello, on the 3rd EyeTY Version I was able to export a recording direct into iTunes compatible format, in EyeTV 4 I can only export to MPEG-Elementary or MPEG-Program-Stream. In the HELP there is "File conversion" and "Create export preset", but I can't find a way to use it. Does anyone know how to export int iTunes compatible (small, AAC, MPEG-4 Video, H.264) format? Thx, Frank.
  8. I had to move from eyetv3 because of the lack of 64 bit support I did try the early betas - but really just wanted a functional DVR. So my EyeTV 4sat got mothballed and I setup HDHomerun with Plex (works well). I am now wondering whether try and set the 4Sat up (alongside my current system) or bin it / sell it? Currently both in the forums and blogs a number of constraints are recognised (and worklarounds proposed). Exporting - the blog suggests Handbreak (sic) will export succesfully. I'm pretty certain they mean HandBrake (which is why the link fails)... Has anybody used Handbrake to export with EyeTV4? EPG - various issues with Gracenote have been mentioned (tbh I always found it frequently failed. Quite unreasonable considering the high annual charge). The notes suggest an XMLTV file could be imported. Has anyone succeeded using an externally supplied XMLTV file with EyeTV4? Having to re-purchase the software I've paid for without an upgrade being offered is annoying. But I will pay. But either I would need an extended trial / or a money back guarantee / or some reassurances from genuine users...
  9. Hi, I wish a happy new year with many improvements for the EyeTV4-Software. 🙂 I hope that EyeTV4 soon will be able to start minimized. I start the software automatically at logon and it's fully sufficient to start minimized. Additionally if starting minimized it is not so noticeable that the time to load the software is quite long... 😉 Greetings - Matthias
  10. I installed EyeTV4 beta and ran the setup wizard. I enter my activation key for EyeTV3 because I don't have another one, but I can't get any further. What should I do? Ich habe EyeTV4 beta installiert und den Setup-Assistenten laufen lassen. Ich gebe meinen Aktivation-Key für EyeTV3 ein, weil ich keinen anderen habe, aber komme da nicht weiter. Was soll ich tun?