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Found 17 results

  1. Because the signs suggest that Geniatech does not consider EyeTV to be an active product. There's little sign from them that they're trying to improve or optimize it, and they never talk to the user base. It makes you wonder why they bought the application from ElGato, if they didn't intend to do anything useful with it. If nothing's changed since the 4.0 beta development stage (and I'm betting nothing has changed), Geniatech doesn't actually have in-house programmers working on EyeTV. My understanding is that they hired a couple of contractors to do all the work, and they know little of the 15-year history of the application. Which is why: 1) The interface changed radically, forcing the existing user base to relearn basic functions 2) Many of those basic functions (export, program information) were broken or crippled, compared to EyeTV 3 Better export in Version 4 would be welcome, but I see no sign that we'll get it. Since EyeTV 3 and 4 can use the same file archive, I am sticking on Mojave for now, where I can use EyeTV 3 for export, even if I record in EyeTV 4.
  2. In this blog post, we will talk about a new way to login. You may not have heard of it before, but SpinLogin is a great alternative to your traditional username and password login process. We'll cover what it is, how it works, and why you should be using it today! spinchat login
  3. tmi

    4C works in Finland?

    Sorry to come to this so late but the short answer is: yes. Officially, 4C is "supported only in Germany blah-blah" but this is just the typical corporate talk i.e. you're on your own without official support. 4C works much the same as the older EyeTV 610 box - only in LAN with multiple tuners and lacking the CI-adapter slot. Both boxes (probably the Hybrid USB stick is no different) can be used simultaneously totalling to 5 tuners (yes, there used to be an issue that 4C used only 2 tuners with EyeTV3 but as I understand it this has been nowadays resolved) and in this case the 610 is the "main tuner" when pressing ON/OFF on the remote (if pressing channel numbers on the remote to open the Live TV window the tuner is chosen randomly - you can see the signal origin on the Live TV window title if not in fullscreen). etv-comskip works quite well, just need to make sure the build matches the MacOS -version and tweak the comskip.ini in Library/Application Support/ETVComskip for one's taste and better results. With the excellent tutorial in the other thread, 4C can also be used probably with any system where Kodi is supported with TVHeadend e.g. as Kodi add-ons for server and PVR client. From the top of my head the only real complaint I can think of is the heating issue of 4C - it gets quite warm (almost burns to touch). So the box needs to have enough space around it to let the air flow properly. I don't know if it's related but occasionally the 4C may stop working (not even the webserver is responding) and needs to be rebooted with the flick of the power switch and EyeTV3 also needs to be restarted after this to find the tuners again. This isn't anything too regular and most of the time "everything just works" but YMMV.
  4. the Tablo only records broadcast TV, if you are looking for something to record from HDMI, you might look at some HDMI capture cards (HDMI - USB) and then use quicktime to capture. You might have to put anHDMI EDID in line as well if the card won't talk tot he HDMI source.
  5. I have a late 2014 Mac mini and an eyetv hybrid with the 3.6.8 eyetv software. I upgraded the OS recently from (I think) Sierra to Mojave and like the original poster, I don’t remember noticing the freezes right away, but now it’s very difficult to watch anything because of these freezes. I know that the previous OS was 1 after the one it came with. It was crashing for awhile initially after the update, but I thought it had stabilized. i tried deleting the eyetv helper application and having Eyetv reinstall it. No luck. I did see the talk about spotlight indexing and noted during a free that it I clicked on the desktop, then hovered the cursor over the spotlight menu icon and it changed to the beach ball. Has anyone figured this out? I’m thinking about trying to reinstall the old OS...
  6. I tried doing an analogue scan (didn't expect to pick anything up as it was turned off years ago) and it picked up a radio signal at 100 MHz. It seems to be some talk radio thing so it does seem like it is working in some way. Not picking up digital TV for me isnt a big deal as I am going to use it for backing up VHS anyway.
  7. eyekey

    64 Bit support

    Wow! I am a little bit stunned. And happy. And a little bit angry. If you guys just would have said one word, all this bit**ing around in the forums never had escalated. I never understand why companies do not talk to their customers. Well... But I am glad EyeTv4 is happening. And thanks for using my flat theme I posted on Deviant-art a few years ago. (or is it just coincidence that it looks exactly the same :)) )
  8. Ah, I think you are right! The message I got when I clicked on the EyeTV Plus was in German! And, as I said, everything else seems to be working fine. Nice to know the error message I got is not anything serious. With regard to the source of the EPG, when I checked the EyeTV Preferences:Guide, I see that 'EyeTVEPGPremium - USA & Canada' is selected. It shows being active until January of next year (one year after I renewed my TV Guide subscription). Just in case you are interested, there is another selection for 'EyeTVEPGPremium - Europe'. I think I'll ask if I can get my subscription extended a few months, as it stopped working within a week or so of renewing (talk about your bad timing!). Can't hurt to ask.
  9. ThoSchl

    64 Bit support

    Meanwhile TV on Mac and PC ist a niche. There is no doubt about it. The thing I don't understand they still sell Hardware with a (formerly) great piece of software. And we all now the the software won't work anymore from Q4/2019 on. What was their intention when they bought EyeTV from Elgato? Why is there no official member of Geniatech to do public relations. This forum produces so much displeasure. Why not telling people either: a) Hey guys, go away the Mac story ends up here! b) Look there is a screenshot of EyeTV 4 for Mac - but still takes some time to finish. AND you will have to pay some money for it. Is it that hard to talk to the people that pay your salary?
  10. Yes, I had to create a new e-mail address to use since mine is already in the"got a refund" disabled file at Geniatech. I got the build from the link earlier here in the Forum and downloaded the build that is supposedly now being tested. It worked to the extent that it showed me my cable provider in the Set-Up Assistant zip-based drop down. It also showed when my access expired (May 7th. as I remember). But that was all I could evaluate. Set-up Assistant would not configure itself to talk to my cable box and finish the installation and populate the "Channels" window with my cable-provider's channel inventory and therefor show a guide based on the channels...hence no ability to change channels on my cable box with the EyeTV
  11. Ignored my Q about a refund, happy talk continues:
  12. Thank you WisconsonEric. My experience (AzMel) suggest that TIVO shut down our servers in early February 2019. As I was uninstalling/reinstalling EyeTV3 I noticed a company name ROVI as the EPG provider. ROVI was "acquired" by TIVO in the last quarter of 2018. My EPG updating also stoped in early February 2019. The trail of evidence that leads from TV Guide to ROVI to TIVO is a little hard to track down on the internet. Every "contact us" or "help" link at TV Guide is broken, if you try to go to you get redirected to TIVO and if you try to contact TIVO they will only talk to you if you are a business, consumers need not apply. Geniatech is the only company that can force TIVO to meet their contractual obligations. Unless there is a lawyer following this who knows a class action lawsuit when he/she sees one Search "EyeTV TIVO Class Action"
  13. Well, my understanding is that Gemstar-TV Guide International was acquired by Macrovision Solutions Corporation in 2007. Macrovision Solutions Corporation changed its name to Rovi Corporation in 2009. So, when you talk about "TV Guide" I think you're really talking about Rovi. Btw, in 2016, Rovi Corporation acquired TiVo Inc.
  14. I've been using EyeTV since DTT started growing in the UK about 12 years ago, and I've owned several different products in that time, most recently upgrading my Netstream Sat to the new Netstream 4Sat. Coupled with the tvOS Netstream app it produces stunning results on a 3 metre screen. SAT>IP is not marketed in the UK, for some reason, so it is great to see a SAT>IP product from a company I trust. However, my many eyeTV recordings from the last 12 years are on a NAS share on the same network, and it would be great if the tvOS app could access and playback .eyetv files from the NAS (or a Mac with File Sharing turned on, of course). I can use other products (like Infuse) but they don't talk to the .eyetv metadata.
  15. thanks - sorry - I`ve stuck in a conference call - apologize for. I have add: toyotakurtis / TonVanHest - will contact during the day - to find a time spot to open to talk. LG Mike
  16. to all: for this week "call in" conference call with the topic: Top 1: eyetv 3 /mac and ATV 4 Call: Tuesday 2th may 7pm (CEST) - should be minus 6 hours .. please your Skype ID, I will add you to the conference 1 hour before .. thanks to all - and happy to talk to you on tuesday 2th May 7pm (CEST) Mike
  17. I think it is very clear that the function we expected of the EyeTV app for ATV is to have at least the same abilities as the EyeTV iPad app. Please know our disappointment is not at the add feature the the Netstream app brings for Netstream owners. If I owned the Netstream device I would be happy for any additional access. As far as the issue of my Mac running. Unless the power is out the little Mac Mini is running 24/7 and it will keep running until it dies. All my media is handled by the Mac Mini with a external mulidrive storage. EyeTV allows me to record and watch whenever I choose so long as my Mac Mini is running. The iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad work very well and AirPlay or Mirroring is okay but direct access between ATV and your Mac would be best. The issue of porting the EyeTV iPad to the ATV is subjective but several of us have volunteered to put in the work. I appreciate if Geniatech will commit to at least porting the iPad EyeTV to ATV. Also as several of us are so involved in this discussion please let us beta test. Beta testing goes so far with goodwill towards your most active customers. I will even commit to add a Netstream device to my home network as long as it will work with over the air antenna here in the US. And the last issue to address is local verse cloud storage of recordings. Please do not move to cloud based storage or if you do let that just be an option. Local storage of recordings allows cutting commercials, archiving and streaming over the home network or web. I stand by my earlier statement, EyeTV is still the best DVR program for Mac. If I am invited to a live meeting to talk about features I will make myself available. Seeing as you guys are in the Netherlands this meeting just be during my bedtime but I can just put on a extra strong pot of coffee. Thank you